The Bailey Middle School Cheerleaders welcome you to our site!  We are excited that you stopped by.

Our goal as Bailey Cheerleaders is to be positive role models for our peers by serving as beacons of spirit.  Below you will find some principles by which we function.  We know that our role as cheerleaders is important, and we will strive to not only meet the high expectations held by our school, but also our supporters.

Pride & Spirit
What exactly is a cheerleader?  
o In the dictionary, there are two definitions for a cheerleader.  Someone who leads cheers and applause and an enthusiastic and vocal supporter.
o The key words in those two definitions are lead, enthusiastic, and vocal.  It is every cheerleader on the squad’s responsibility to lead our school in school spirit and to be enthusiastic and vocal at every single pep rally and game.

What exactly does pride mean?
o In the dictionary, as a verb, it says to be especially proud of a quality or skill.  
o Before you can be prideful in your school and teams, you must have pride in your own personal qualities and skills.  
o First of all, you should already feel pride because you have made the cheerleading squad!  If you didn’t have any skills or good personal qualities, then you wouldn’t have made the squad.  This applies for any sports team/club/performance you participate in.
o Remember that our squad is our school spirit and pride leader.  No matter how many times our teams win or lose, we must always be proud of our school and who belongs to it.  We must set that example for the school.  

What exactly does spirit mean?
o In the dictionary, it says to have courage, energy, and determination.  
o We need to convey determination and courage to our teams that are playing and for other students who are there to root for our school.  We must always have energy every practice, game, and pep rally.

As cheerleaders we must be the following: 
o We must lead the school in pride and spirit and not just in cheers/chants.
o We must always motivate the crowd into following our cheers and always applauding our teams.
o We must always be full of energy and enthusiastic for the entire game/pep rally.  
o We must give 100% every time to show pride in our school, our squad, and ourselves.  

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