Welcome to Year 3

We have reached the last half of the summer term and our topic is Tropical Rainforests.  We have had our exciting trip to 'The Living Rainforest' where we were able to experience what it is really like in a rainforest.  The children were very excited by all the amazing animals and peculiar plants that they found.   Keep an eye on the school's website for photos of the day.  

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at the climate in the rainforests, the layers of the rainforests and the animals that live there.  The children have been set a homework task to create a 3D model of an animal from a particular layer.  This is due on Wednesday, 28th June.

To tie in with our rainforest topic, our science topic is about plants.  We are currently conducting experiments, seeing what would happen if a plant did not have water, soil, or light.  The children have made some interesting predictions, we will have to wait and see whether they were right!

Keep practising your 3, 4, 5 and 8 times tables.  These should be learnt so you can you can say the correct answer quickly.  Remember once you have learnt the times tables, challenge yourself further by also learning the inverse (divisions).  Look on our 'Useful Websites' page to see what games you could use to help you.

Remember, for our comprehension work, we are now doing 'hot seating' (being in character, asking questions about the characters,  quizzes for non-fiction books etc.).  Your guided reading  books need to be returned every Monday with your reading record.  Homework is set on Fridays and due the following Wednesday.   Any problems you may have with either of these, make sure you speak to me BEFORE it is due in!

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