Homework Help

Students are given homework each Monday and it is due that same Friday (or on the last day of any short week). The homework has four parts: reading, math, PE and spelling practice. 

Reading: 30 (3rd Grade) minutes each week
This time can include when students are reading to themselves, to an adult, to a sibling or other family member as well as when the student is being read to. Please take time to talk with your child about their reading. You could ask them to:
-summarize the chapter they just finished 
-tell you what their story is about so far 
-predict how the story will end 
-tell you who their favorite character is and why
-tell why they think a character made a certain choice
-tell how they think the character is feeling

Math: facts practice
Our school supply list asked students to purchase a set of multiplication flash cards--these are for home! If a student does not have access to these cards, please send a note or an email and I can provide cards to borrow for the year. 

Suggestions for practice: 
-once a student has mastered a set of facts (all the ones, the twos, etc), take those cards out and focus on the more difficult sets
-Focus on one set of numbers each week. For example: practice only the cards with an 8 on them for the entire week. The next week, practice all of the cards with a 9 on them. 
-Use the website factmonster.com to practice flash cards online
-Play the card game "War." Two or more players each have a pile of cards. On the count of three, each player turns over the next card in their pile. The student finds which cards represents the greater amount. The player who played the card with the greatest value, gets all of the cards that were played in that round. The player with all of the cards at the end, wins!

Spelling and Vocabulary
Although the practice sheets that are sent home with homework will help students practice their words, it's always a good idea to do a practice test at home!

P.E. practice: 
Help your child get active! Students are asked to be active (meaning a fast beating heart and heavier breathing). This can include practice for any sports teams! 

Suggestions for practice: 
-Jumping on a trampoline
-Going for a brisk walk
-Playing tag/chase