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THS Stagecraft!!


“I Can” Statements:

Stagecraft members will be scored on their ability to PROVE the following statements:

1. “I Can Work Well Individually, and in Teams, to Reach Stagecraft Goals”
Learning Progression:
  • Stay On-Task while working on Stagecraft Projects.
  • Finish Set Construction Tasks On-Time.
  • Coordinate Division of Tasks with Team Members so More is Accomplished Sooner!
  • Contribute with Ideas and Effort in Student Design Project(s).
2. “I Can Read and Follow Plans for Set Construction”
Learning Progression:
  • Read the Entire Plan, and Analyze Diagrams BEFORE Starting Construction.
  • Clear Up All Questions / Concerns with Plans BEFORE Starting Construction.
  • Identify all Measurements, Quantities of Materials, etc.
  • Follow Plan Steps / Directions, to insure Plan Completion!
3. “I Can Accurately Measure / Mark Materials for Construction Purposes”
Learning Progression:
  • Understand all the marks on the Tape Measure (break down to 16ths)
  • Marking Materials for Cutting - Cut the line, or Leave the Line?
  • Marking Materials for Cutting - Leave as MUCH Useable Material after Cutting
4. “I Can (Safely) Use Power Tools to Create Set Pieces and Props”
Learning Progression:
  • Proper Tool for the Job?
  • Use and Maintenance of Tool(s) - Saws, Drills, w/CLEAN-UP afterwards!
  • Safety Procedures, Rules, and Concerns
5. “I Can Paint Set Pieces / Props using Appropriate Painting Tools, and Methods”
Learning Progression:
  • Shaking, Opening, Mixing, Pouring, Re-Sealing Paint
  • Rollers Vs. Brushes - When to Use Which Tool, and Clean-Up Procedures for Each
  • Painting Techniques
  • Cleanup Procedures
6. “I Can Help Clean Work Areas at the End of Class.
Learning Progression:
  • Sweep all Floor Surfaces - Remove all Debris, Hardware, and tripping Hazards.
  • Put Away all Tools and Materials Appropriately.


These skills will be developed working in teams on set elements for THS shows.  Students are expected to be in class every day, doing their best to create quality sets for THS audiences.  Technical theater provides more regular, full-time jobs than acting; the willingness to work hard to create quality theater, and dependability on the job, are essential “employability” skills. Consequently, unexcused absences, and chronic lack of participation will adversely effect grades.


  • Skills tests will give students a chance to prove their "I Cans".
  • Students can skip skills tests they've already passed! ;o)
Rubric Scoring  will be used in Stagecraft.
Scores are as follows:
1 = Barely there!
2 = That's a start!
3 = Made it!
4 = Wow!

Whenever lack of participation in class projects, or behavior problems become an issue, Parents/Guardians will be notified.  Continual Behavior issues may be cause for a forced schedule change.

THS Stagecraft Syllabus, Forms, Safety Rules, Slideshows, etc.

The link at the bottom of this page will take you to a page where you can view or download Stagecraft-related files. The class syllabus, safety rules, a chart to keep track Stagecraft Skills testing, and other helpful files are all available.



Stagecraft members can earn extra points by working "Saturday Set Constructions". These are usually scheduled for the last two or three weekends before a show opens. Cast members usually attend to help with the set, and Stagecraft members are encouraged to show up as well!

Lunch is usually provided at "Saturday Set Constructions".


  • Attend Class, On Time!

  • No Food or Drink in the Auditorium (Water's OK)!
  • Follow Directions!

  • Work Hard to do Quality Work!

  • Be NICE!


The stage is a construction site during classtime, and Stagecraft members are expected to follow directions immediately; sometimes there isn't time to safely explain!

Safety Rules:

  • Use Tools Wisely!
    • If asked to use a tool that you are unfamiliar with, GET TRAINING FIRST!! You still have to do the work, but it'll wait 'til you're trained on the necessary tool(s)!!
  • Use the Right Tool for the Job!!
    • If you need a hammer, don't pound away with a wrench!
  • All Stagecraft members must be checked out on all power tools, such as power drills, circular saws, and jig saws.
    • Training on large power tools such as the table saw, will take place as needed.
  • Loose Clothing and Long Hair MUST be Secured BEFORE using Power Tools!
    • Working parts can grab clothing or hair, creating very painful injuries in a matter of seconds!
  • Firm Footing is Very Important when using power tools, moving set pieces, etc.
    • Clear all debris from cutting materials regularly, to remove tripping hazards from the worksite.
  • Avoid Creating Distractions near Tool Use.
    • Loud Noises or Running / Roughhousing can be Very Dangerous in a Construction setting.
  • Safety Glasses must be work when using power tools, especially saws!
  • Properly Store All Tools and Materials When Not In Use.
  • All Floors, Walkways, and Work Areas MUST be Cleaned of all Debris, Hardware, etc., at the End Of Each Class!!
    • Theater Classes and Rehearsals will be using these same areas, and leaving a mess endangers students involved.

Free Admission to Mainstage Shows for Stagecraft Members:

Stagecraft Members will be given Free Admission to one performance of Mainstage shows (when the audience uses the regular auditorium seating). And, whenever possible, we hope they'll bring LOTS AND LOTS of paying audience members with them!!