Mr. Duran's News - September 5, 2018

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Important Dates:

Sep. 4 - Supply Drop Off and Watermelon, 4 - 4:45 pm
Sep. 5 - First day of School
Sep. 13 - Papa's Pizza Fundraiser
Sep. 18 - Curriculum Night, 5:30
Sep. 18 - Box Top Tuesdays starts
Sep. 19 - PTA Meeting, 6:00 pm
Sep. 21 - Early Release, 12:30
Sep. 21 - Husky Run Kickoff
Sep. 28 - Husky Run
Oct. 4 - Spaghetti Feed
Oct. 10 - Picture Day
Oct. 12 - Early Release, 12:30
Oct. 26 - Early Release, 12:30

 Curriculum Night

  I hope to see you at Curriculum Night. It will only last 30 minutes and will help us to work together as a team this year to give your child the best education possible. We'll go over all of the important information you need for this year as well as how best to contact me and important tips to keep up on what your child is doing at school. See you in room B106!


  I've attached the monthly homework calendar to this newsletter. Each night, your child needs to read for 20 minutes and practice math facts for 20 minutes. Math facts can be practiced with flashcards, games or comupter/tablet. When your child finishes the 40 minutes of homework, please initial each line to show completion. I'll be checking calendars every Friday.


  We have PE and recess everyday. Please make sure your child has shoes that are safe (ones that fasten and have rubber soles). Tennis shoes are great for these activities. Please have your child wear them all day as our schedule doesn't allow time to change shoes. Thank you for your support with this.

 Papa's Pizza Fundraiser

  There will be a Papa's Pizza Fundraiser to help support Mrs. Amber Trano. See flyer for more details.