Mrs. Hunter's News- April 4, 2017


Important Dates:
Apr. 3-13 - Swimming (click for more info)
Apr. 5 - PTA Meeting at 6 pm
Apr. 6-Family Fun Night Jolynn Smiles Bingo/Raffle/Photo Event
Apr. 10-17 - SBAC Testing, English Language Arts in pm
Apr. 14 - Early Release, 12:30
Apr. 20 - Self-Manager Assembly
Apr. 20 - PTA Skate Night at Skateworld
Apr. 28 - Early Release, 12:30
May 12 - Early Release, 12:30
May 19 - Husky Run
Challenge Projects

  As part of the Oregon Trail simulation, students are expected to do challenge projects. We've already had many come in. This can be done in many different ways. Here are a few ideas (there is also a link on our web page with more): report about something related to Oregon Trail, a diagram showing a wagon with the many needed supplies, a story about something that could happen on the trail, a diorama or picture with a story to tell, a book report about a related topic, or anything else related to this time in history. Thank you for helping your child with this.


  We've been working on fractions. So far equivalence and ordering of fractions has been taught. We're starting on add/sub with common denominators. We will also be multiplying fractions by whole numbers and converting them to decimals. The more mult/div facts your child knows, the easier fractions are.


  Our class will be having swimming lessons at Splash,  April 3-13. A swimsuit, towel and plastic bag will be needed for each student.  There are items available to borrow should they forget to brings theirs any day.



  Homework calendars for March should be in by now. We'll be testing multiplication facts this week and are looking forward to great improvement. Thank you for encouraging your child with homework.


   If your child is running a temperature, please keep them home. They need to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. If they are out more than 3 days, they will need a doctor's note. For further policy on when to send to school, click here (or see attached flyer).

Math Homework

       For the 20 minutes of math homework this month, do 15 minutes of mult/div practice daily and work for 5 minutes on these facts:
April: This is a good month to review all of the items that have been worked on for measurement homework this year. Thank you for working with your child on all of these areas.

Reveiw: September's focus of inches, feet, yards and miles, October's focus of pounds, ounces and tons, November's focus on time, and December's focus on counting change from $10. In January and February, Metrics were the focus (Kilo, Hecto, Deka, Base, Deci, Centi, Milli). March's focus on
Area and Perimeter.

                                                Book It

    We have just completed the last month of this reading incentive program.
Many of the students in our class have received their free pizza certificate for reading during the month of March.  Anyone who qualified for pizzas all of the 6 months will be having a special dessert with Mrs. Hunter the week after swim lessons.