Mrs. Gagnon's News - September 6, 2017


Important Dates:

Sep. ?? - Curriculum Night
Sep. 22 - Early Release, 12:30
Oct. 4 - PTA Meeting, 6 pm
Oct. 13 - Early Release, 12:30
Oct. 27 - Early Release, 12:30
Nov. 10 - No School, Veteran's Day
Nov. 17 - Early Release, 12:30
Nov. 23-24 - Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 29 - Grading Day
Nov. 30 & Dec. 1 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Curriculum Night

  This year we are having something new! On Sep. ???, we will have a curriculum night for you to learn all about 4th grade at Mt. Vernon. I look forward to seeing you there!


  This year we have a new math program. We have books as well as an online component. Our curriculum is still the same. We will be working on the Common Core Standards. If you'd like to volunteer during math,  I'd love to have you!

  We have PE and recess everyday. Please make sure your child has shoes that are safe (ones that fasten and have rubber soles). Tennis shoes are great for these activities. We will ask that your child wear them all day as our schedule doesn't allow time to change shoes. Thank you for your support with this.



    Please make sure that your child reads at least 20 minutes daily. Studies have shown that this can make a great difference in a child's reading ability. If your child is a slow reader, reading out loud would benefit her/him even more.

Book Orders

  Book orders will be sent home by Sep. 8. They are due on Wednesday, Sep. 13. If you'd like to order online, go to:

 Supplies and Watermelon

  It was great seeing so many of you at our Supplies and Watermelon night! If you weren't able to get all of your child's supplies yet, that's okay. Send them in when you're able. I'm able to help out with some if necessary. Kleenex is something that doesn't need to be purchased up front as we use it throughout the year.

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