Mrs. Gagnon's News - May 1, 2017


Important Dates:

May 12 - Early Release, 12:30
May 12 - Husky Run Kick-Off
May 19 - Husky Run
May 26 - Early Release, 12:30
May 29 - No School
June 7 - Hoedown Practice at 1:30
June 8 - Hoedown Practice at 9:30
June 8 - Hoedown Performance at 6:30
June 9 - Early Release, 12:30
June 9 - Pioneer Day (in pioneer clothes)
June 12 - Dorris Ranch Field Trip, 9-11:40
June 21 - Last Day of School

Challenge Projects
(This is an expectation for all 4th graders)

  As part of the Oregon Trail simulation, students are expected to do challenge projects. We've already had many come in. This can be done in many different ways. Here are a few ideas (there is also a link on our web page with more): report about something related to Oregon Trail, a diagram showing a wagon with the many needed supplies, a story about something that could happen on the trail, a diorama or picture with a story to tell, a book report about a related topic, or anything else related to this time in history. Thank you for helping your child with this.


  We're continuing our study of fractions. Adding tenths and hundredths, converting to decimals and writing percents from a decimal is all part of what we're doing. Long division will be taught after this unit followed by a review of measurement. Thank you for all of your help with reviewing measurement facts as part of the homework this year.
SBAC Testing

   Smarter Balanced testing (SBAC) will be happening in the afternoon. There will be a practice test on Fri., May 12, for students who are participating. In the afternoons of the following week, there will be testing going on in my classroom. Students who have opted out will be working in Mrs. Hunter's and Mrs. Durfee's classrooms on an activity we are planning.

Miss Hawe

   Last Friday was Miss Hawe's last day. This week she will be graduating and then applying for her teaching license. It was great having another teacher in the classroom. She will be missed.

Math Homework

       For the 20 minutes of math homework this month, do 15 minutes of mult/div practice daily and work for 5 minutes on these facts:
May: Continue reviewing measurement facts

Reveiw: September's focus of inches, feet, yards and miles, October's focus of pounds, ounces and tons, November's focus on time, and December's focus on counting change from $10. In January and February, Metrics were the focus (Kilo, Hecto, Deka, Base, Deci, Centi, Milli). March's focus on
 Area and Perimeter.

"Having parents and teachers working together will help a child tremendously!"

100% Club

  The following students earned 100% Club last month: Alexis, Angel, Aurora, Carmen, Nevaeh, Kennya, Kyle, Elidia, Nano, Nicki, Olivia, Omar, Perrin, Tayla, Tim and Kaylynn. They earned this by having all of April's work in by Apr. 27.

Oregon Trail
    We're just finishing biographies of famous people in the 1800s. Each student will get the opportunity to share orally this week. I'm looking forward to hearing what great information they found!

Book Orders & Book Fair

  Since the library is having a book fair this week, I'll send out the last book order towards the end of May. The due date will be listed on the form itself. If you'd like to order online, go to:

 Dorris Ranch

  Our class will be going to Dorris Ranch to experience chores of a pioneer child on June 12. It will be great fun, and we'd love to have you come with us. I need to know in advance if you're coming to get groups set up. Please arrive at 8:50 if you're going. Thank you.

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