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May 12 - Early Release, 12:30
May 12 - Husky Run Kick-Off
May 19 - Husky Run
May 26 - Early Release, 12:30
May 29 - No School
June 7 - Hoedown Practice at 1:30
June 8 - Hoedown Practice at 9:30
June 8 - Hoedown Performance at 6:30 (pioneer clothes)
June 9 - Early Release, 12:30
June 9 - Pioneer Day (pioneer clothes)
June 14 - Dorris Ranch Field Trip, 9-11:40
June 21 - Last Day of School

                                        THANK YOU!

    As many of you know this is my last year teaching. I will miss it, but know that there are other things to accomplish in my life, such as spending time with my 9 grandchildren.  I couldn't have had a better group of kids to go out with. Thank you for sharing them with me and letting me be a small part of their lives.
                                Sincerely, Rhonda Durfee
Dorris Ranch

  Our class will be going to Dorris Ranch to experience chores of a pioneer child on June 14. It will be great fun, and we'd love to have you come with us. I need to know in advance if you're coming to get groups set up. Please arrive at 8:50 if you're going. Thank you

Oregon Trail

    We're just finishing biographies of famous people in the 1800s. Each student will get the opportunity to share orally this week. I'm looking forward to hearing what great information they found.



Math Homework

       For the 20 minutes of math homework this month, do 15 minutes of mult/div practice daily and work for 5 minutes on the following:
May/June:  Reviewing measurement facts

Reveiw: September's focus of inches, feet, yards and miles, October's focus of pounds, ounces and tons, November's focus on time, and December's focus on counting change from $10. In January and February, Metrics were the focus (Kilo, Hecto, Deka, Base, Deci, Centi, Milli). March/April's focus on
 Area and Perimeter.


 We're continuing our study of fractions and adding decimals and percentages. Long division will be taught after this unit followed by a review of measurement. Thank you for all of your help with reviewing measurement facts as part of the homework this year. If your child has not learned all their facts, please have them work on them this summer, as it will make 5th grade math easier for them.

SBAC Testing

     Smarter Balanced math testing (SBAC) will be happening soon. There will be a practice test on Fri., May 19, for students who are participating. In the a    afternoons of the following week, there will be testing going on in Mrs.Gagnon's classroom. Students who have opted out will be working in Mrs. Hunter's and Mrs. Durfee's classrooms on an activity we are planning.

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