A Vision for Technology Integration

"The 21st century will require children to live, learn, and work in environments vastly different from the traditional classrooms they currently encounter. In order for students to be prepared for the demands of this new era, classrooms and schools need to reflect the changes in philosophy, teaching methods, environment, and equipment which are necessary for students to be competitive and productive in the information and communications age."

—Oregon Educational Technology Plan

The District Technology Plan aims to "provide students and staff with ubiquitous, uninterrupted access to current and reliable technologies to support the business of teaching and learning."
What exactly does this mean?

Technology skills are an important and integral part of this generation’s daily life, and involves more than learning keyboarding skills, using a credit-recovery program, or taking online assessments. Specifically, it means that students need to be able to:
    • access, apply and share large amounts of information with others appropriately and safely;

    • communicate and collaborate, in a variety of forms, to advocate for themselves and on behalf of others. 
Below are some of the ways in which technology is used in teaching and learning. 

Please Note: These specific examples are ones that have been funded by grants/special programs and have been implemented in small pockets in the district — impacting a small number of the overall student population.

Students and staff have a transparent learning environment, one in which anyone, anywhere, anytime can peer in and see students learning, creating, and applying their knowledge.

Technology, Learning & the Woodshop

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The transparency and immediacy of student publication and sharing facilitates development of digital citizenship and leadership.

BookTubes: Student Created Book Trailers

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Technology-rich environments that provide options for students to develop the 21st century skills, preparing them for future education and careers.

High Tech Tools for Science Inquiry

21st Century Libraries

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