School Proposals


The intent of the School Initiated Innovation Proposal is to provide schools with an avenue for requesting new bond-funded student devices (e.g., computers, tablets) for classroom use to expand existing school-based technology integration projects that provide students with access to technology rich learning environments. 

Proposals should be “ready to roll” with one or more teacher leaders who have experience with the proposed activities and should provide detailed information on the specific strategies that are being implemented as a part of the larger vision, goals, and strategies listed in the school technology plan. 


Schools should have the following in place prior to submitting a proposal:

  • A defined school-based technology team that has been working together for at least one school year; and

  • A school-based technology plan that includes what students will be able to do at the end of each grade level and/or by graduation.

Click here for information about School-based Technology Plans.

Proposal Process

The proposal process allows each school to request equipment, as ready, in order to implement elements of the school technology plan. 

This process takes into account the following factors:

  • staff and school readiness;
  • student understanding of online safety and appropriate online behavior; 
  • a clear plan for instructional strategies with a strong technology component; and 
  • a clear plan for ongoing professional development.

Because of the diverse needs within a school, schools are encouraged to submit multiple, smaller scale proposals over time rather than one large proposal. Secondary schools may want to consider submitting proposals by department.

Student equipment will be rolled out to schools over the next six years through the proposal process based on school and educator readiness in alignment with Technology Services workflow. 

Additionally, between 2009-14, Technology Services has invested in multiple 2:1 technology rich classrooms throughout the district. The age and performance of this technology is currently being monitored; devices will be replaced in accordance with programmatic needs. 

Click here to view school ratios (available in-district only).

Timeline & Review Process

Applications will be scored up to three times/year, depending upon available funding, by a proposal review committee. The review committee will consist of a cross section of educators, specialists, and administrators.

Proposals that are approved for implementation will be scheduled into the Tech Services workflow. Proposals that are not approved will be returned to the school for revision and resubmission.

Prior to reviewing proposals, committee members will receive a basic introduction to the SAMR model and will read and discuss several articles (e.g., Technology Integration for the New 21st Century Learner). This will provide a foundation for common understanding and vocabulary for evaluating proposals. 

Each request will be considered on its merits with reviewers evaluating each proposal to ensure that all required elements are complete and clearly articulated.

All approved requests will be reviewed by the Technology Services Bond Project Manager to ensure that adequate funding is available. Adjustments may be made to accommodate the funding of as many requests as possible during a given year.

Proposals will be reviewed multiple times/year as outlined below. Teams will have the option of submitting proposals for pre-review, with feedback will be provided to the schools one week before the final proposals are due.

Proposals Due for Optional Pre-Review Final Proposals Due  Reviewed Equipment Ready*
3rd Monday in October Last Friday in October 1st Tuesday in November Last Friday in January
2nd Friday in January Last Friday in January 1st Thursday in February First Friday in April
2nd Friday in April First Friday in May  2nd Thursday in May Last Friday in August
3rd Friday in June 3rd Monday in August August (week before Inservice Week) November 30

*Equipment delivery dates will vary depending upon the bid process, vendor supply, purchasing department processing, and Technology Services hardware implementation time.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Proposal

Before beginning the proposal writing process, the Tech Team should think about and discuss the following:

1. What will your students be learning and doing within a specific curricular area that is addressed in this proposal? 

For example, curricular areas might include:

    • mathematical problem solving;
    • persuasive writing;
    • composing music;
    • monitoring and improving fitness levels.
2. Think about how students will use technology. How will this use of technology enhance teaching/learning? where does it fall in the SAMR model?

3. What will teachers need to know in order to implement proposed classroom activities?

For example:

    • math problem solving might require learning how to use the Explain Everything app for creating a multimedia presentation that shows their mathematical understanding;
    • persuasive writing might require learning how to use Google docs for peer editing and iMovie for creating video advertisements;
    • composing music might require learning how to use Garageband to create and record original compositions;
    • monitoring and improving fitness levels might require learning how to use various monitors, sensors, and apps to measure heart and lung function and spreadsheets/graphs to analyze data over time.

Submit a Proposal

Please note: All schools submitting proposals after Feb 1, 2017 will need to use the adjusted proposal format.

Click here to access the School Initiated Innovation Proposal.

Click here to access the School Initiated Innovation Proposal Checklist.

Proposal Addendum

  • If you need to request a few more devices related to your proposal or if you are ready to request additional carts related to a previously submitted proposal, please see the Innovation Proposal Addendum.

Additional Proposals

Schools wishing to submit additional proposals will need to:

  1. Revise their tech plans to address the feedback/comments/questions that were originally provided;
  2. Provided evidence of tech plan implementation;
  3. Provide evidence of proposal implementation; and
  4. Review the device ratios to determine the number of computers that may request.

Proposal Status

Once reviewed and approved for implementation (by a committee consisting teachers, administrators, and/or TOSAs), the following steps take place:
  • Schools are asked to clarify any questions posed by the reviewers;
  • Tech Services works with the school's principal and/or Ed Tech Leader to verify that the device rations are accurate in order to get the school to a 2:1 ratio;
  • School Administrators share proposal feedback with School Technology Teams;
  • A list of requested equipment is reviewed by Tech Service;
  • Tech Services starts the bid process for the equipment;
  • Once the vendor is selected, the purchasing process occurs and devices are ordered;
  • Upon delivery, Tech Services staff work to configure the devices for delivery to the school.
All schools that have received Bond-supported Student Devices.