2. Book Publishing

Book Publishing

It is important to celebrate all of our students' writing and to publish it for the world! That said, there are two approaches we will be taking here in SPS: classroom website/Google Drive and school library.

Classroom Web Site/Google Drive

An easy way to post student epub/pdf files is by placing them into a shared Google folder. For example, here you will see the Ebook Collection folder with (3) subfolders (Per 1, Per 2, Per 3). Inside of each folder is a sample ebook (in both PDF and epub formats). To view the book — click the epub file on an iPad; click the PDF file on a computer.

School Library

    There is just something about having a book formally published in the library that is pretty cool. Students even get their own record with their author information (see image below).

    Including the book in the library requires collaboration with your school librarian and a little extra legwork. It is recommended that you have a scoring guide for your finished products and that the books that are scored "exceeds" are the ones that are put into the library. 

    Considerations for inclusion in the library include:
      • Books must be saved to the district server — smb://willie/websites/www/it/eBooks
        • All staff will have write access; staff will not have delete access. 
        • Teachers will need to create subfolders in the eBooks folder as needed, for example:
          • smb://willie/websites/www/it/eBooks/BMS/Davis/2013
        • The book name should be a single word or if there is more than a word, it will need to have _ between the words. 
      • Books will need to be catalogued in Destiny — this requires creating a “MARC” record and that you work with your school librarian. Information needed includes:
        • Book Title
        • Name
        • Summary
        • Image of the Cover
        • The book's URL — for example http://it.springfield.k12.or.us/ebooks/BMS/Davis/2013/bookname.pdf
          • The 856 tag is where the URL will be for the ebook. 
      • Book "expiration" will need to be determined.
        • How long the book will be kept in the library?
        • What is the process for "weeding" the books and associated MARC records?