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Student Password Reset/Verification


All certified staff can change student passwords by going to the TechTools Student Manager Page. Please read the Overview and Heads Up sections of this page before resetting a password.

Students can reset their passwords from within StudentVUE by going to the Links section and clicking Student Password Reset (see image to the right).

The default student password is capital first letter of last name, lowercase second letter of last name followed by the student id # (e.g., Ca12345). Before school starts, each August, the student passwords will be reset to the default passwords to eliminate forgotten password issues. 

Heads Up: Before Resetting Passwords

The most common problem with student logins is that students are entering the incorrect username to log into StudentVUE, Reading Counts, Destiny, and Google.

Another thing to verify is that students are logging into Springfield's StudentVUE at https://sv.sps.sis.k12.or.us and not the StudentVUE of another district.

Teachers can access a list of student Usernames through Synergy (use Report Card/Admin Reports menu and click the StudentVUE/Google Usernames report). 

Directions for Logging into the TechTools Student Manager Page

Click the TechTools Student Manager Page link. The first time you visit the page, you will need to accept a certificate. When you see the following image, click ADVANCED.

From here, you will need to click the Proceed to techtools (unsafe).

You will now be prompted for your district username/password. This will allow you as a staff member access to the Student Reset Password tool.

You can now either reset the student's password or have the student enter their username/password to verify that it is working.