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Libraries without Walls

NEW! Schedule any part of the LWOW trainings to be held during your department or grade level collaboration/prep/team times. Please call 541.726.3430 or talk to your Media Specialist to schedule your training time today!

The LWOW Cadre offers teachers an opportunity to learn about the wide variety of tools that are available to support reading (e.g., searching for appropriate books by reading levels, ebooks) and writing instruction (e.g., searching for and citing high quality sources) and projects (e.g., publishing ebooks) within the classroom. Participants can attend all or part of the cadres based on individual needs. 

Library Resources

Learn how staff and students can log in to their school library account from home or school to locate, reserve, and use both traditional books and ebooks, create bibliographies with a single click, and publish student book reviews.


Effective Tools for Student Research Projects

Did you know that when you do a Google search, you are only getting about 20% of what's available? That's because the good stuff isn't free! Learn how to help your students search for and find high quality materials from reliable sources.

  • High School — Gale Databases
  • Middle School — Junior Reference Collection; Student Resources in Context; Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  • Elementary — Kids InfoBits

    Archives — 2012-13 Session Resources: Gale Databases , Publication Search , LWOW Kids InfoBits

Creating and Publishing eBooks

That's right, your students can publish their own ebooks, get an ISBN, and sell them online! Learn how you can implement an ebook publishing project in your classroom.


  • Preparing written materials
  • ePUB vs PDF file formats
  • Publishing

    Archives — 2012-13 Resources: Session Notes