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English Language Development Program (ELD)
About Our Program:

   Our Program of Services is an English Language Development (ELD) + Sheltered Instruction Model, which provides a number of options based on student English language proficiency level and academic needs. Students may participate in more than one option:

  • ELD Class
  • ELD Newcomer Program
  • ELD bilingual assistance in the regular classroom
  • Spanish Literacy (during the school day for one semester available as related art class for all post-ELD monitored students)
  • Transportation to Hamlin for newcomer students living outside of Hamlin middle school boundary).


Based upon the Home Language Survey form filled out by parents or guardians during the Hamlin registration process, students are flagged for possible entry into the ELD program if parents or guardians indicate on the form that a language other than English is spoken in the student's home. Upon identification of students for possible entry into the program, the ELD teacher will administer the Woodcock Muñoz language proficiency assessment survey to determine the student's relative proficiency index (RPI) score.

The student's RPI score measures his or her English language proficiency on a variety of language tasks for which their same age or grade level peers would perform at 90% proficiency. For example, an RPI of 55/90 on the Letter-Word Identification subtest would indicate that the student demonstrates 55% proficiency, whereas age- or grade-level peers would demonstrate 90% accuracy on the same task. The criterion for entering the ELD program is an overall RPI of 83/90 or below in the Broad English Language proficiency category.

Upon entering the program an ELD student must take the state English Language Development Assessment (ELPA) every year until he/she reaches a proficiency level of 5 (advanced proficiency).

Click here to see proficiency level descriptors.

Students are enrolled in an ELD class appropriate to their English language proficiency. In the regular classroom, ELD students are placed with regular content teachers who have received training in Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). A bilingual educational assistant may provide support in the native language for some or all of their non-ELD classes.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are monitored for 4 years during which time the student may be readmitted to the program if any of his teachers believe poor academic performance is due to language issues. At any time during these monitored years a parent may request that a student be readmitted to the program for the same reasons regardless of teacher recommendations.


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