Welcome to Art! 

I can't wait to meet all of you and start our 2014-15 school year! 

Here is some information that will help you be successful in my class:

1. Please remember to bring a pencil to class every day! 

2. Bring your markers, colored pencils and hand-held sharpeners too!

3. Participate: Your work will be graded based on your completion and attempt to meet certain objectives, not on whether someone (or you for that matter) thinks it's "good"!

What we will study this year: 
-Basic Drawing/watercolor painting techniques
-Perspective Drawing
-Elements and Principles of Art
-How to Critique your own work and the work of other artists
-Art of ancient cultures 
-Art and techniques from around the world

Teacher Email: ashley.lavelle@springfield.k12.or.us

Classroom Rules

Respect Materials and the Property of Others
Help Clean Up Even if the Mess is Not Yours (Maintain our Community Art Studio)
Keep Hands Feet and Objects to Yourself
Follow Directions Immediately
Listen When the Teacher/Others Address the Class

Classroom Expectations                              Art: Mrs. LaVelle


-Vanilla Crunchies: No Vanilla Crunchies in the classroom please.


-Seat Assignments: please sit in your assigned seat.


-Moving about the room: There is no reason to move about the room. If you need something get it and sit down.


-Other food: You should not bring in food and eat it in class. There are many students at the school with food allergies and there have been wrappers found in the room of other foods. Please don’t bring in food. If you have earned a reward we may offer food, but the teacher controls what comes into the room. 


-Back Room: there will be no students allowed in the back room at any time.


-Behind teacher desk: Students are not allowed by teacher desk unless specifically asked to be there.


-Pens/Pencils: Throwing pens or pencils is dangerous, respect materials. Also, tables will not be dismissed unless they have picked up all pens and pencils off the floor around their tables and the room.


-Writing on desks: Please don’t write on the desks so we can keep the room looking nice. 


-Electronics: District Policy states no electronics in class. Please don’t bring your electronics (phone, mp3 etc) to class. Electronics need to stay in your locker.


-Bathroom/Hall Pass: You must sign the clipboard by the door and use the wooden hall pass. You must use the bathroom by the music room. You may not go to the wings to use the bathroom. Only one person is allowed out of the room at a time.