Junior Green Team

Junior Green Team?
This year (Fall 2013), Guy Lee students in 1st thru 3rd grade are being given the chance to be involved in
 'Green' volunteer efforts in our school community outside of the official 4th/5th grade Green Team club.
They want to share in the excitement & fun too.


1st graders = 'Worm Feeders' - Mrs. Leach (Rm. 19)
2nd graders = 'Weeders' - Mr. Ripley (Rm. 23) & Mrs. Skoog (Rm. 25)
                                         (morning recess on Tuesdays & Thursdays)
3rd graders = 'Litter Patrol' - Mr. Moore (Rm. 12) & Mrs. Robinette (Rm.13)
                                           (morning recess on Mondays & Fridays)
3rd/4th/5th graders = 'Carton Crew' - (lunch recess daily)

'Weeders' Station in South Hall                              'Litter Patrol' Station in North Hall

Garden Watering @ Recess 
Thank you Helpful 1st & 2nd Graders!
We discovered a nice opportunity for watering the garden was during morning recess.
I knew having the hose & wand hooked-up would attract willing little volunteers.
To encourage staying 'active' during this time, the first student waiting in line picks an exercise for the group to do.
Everyone counts to 20 & then it's the next person's turn for watering.
Students also practice using words - 'Please', 'Thank You' & 'You're Welcome' when passing the wand to others.

                                                              LUNCH HELPERS

In November (2013), a 2nd grader asked if he could assist Mr. Barnhart when done with his lunch.
This willingness to help soon spread among classmates & then to other grades that sign-up sheets were needed.
Students gain some responsibility, learn how to track a schedule, take pride in & develop a work ethic in their efforts.
Some tasks students have enjoyed:
Move stacks of trays from the recycle line to the counter for washing (in past)
Remind classmates how to properly sort items from their trays
 Put items in the mini fridge from the 'No Thank You' table for later use.
Use a broom & dustpan or put benches up after tables are cleaned.

I've been very impressed with how our students step in so easily when an emergency
occurs that calls me away from the Cafeteria.  Students just recognize a need & take over without even being asked.
AWESOME!  It's important to feel connected & contribute as part of our school community.
Volunteering & problem-solving with each other is encouraging.