Walk & Bike to School

Guy Lee 'Safe Routes To School' Team
Includes:  city, school & district staff, parents, students & community partners.
-  held first meeting Jan. 28th.
(Discussed Fall survey results, Evaluation, Education, Encouragement & Enforcement)
(Engineering & Equity are two more aspects for later)
- held second meeting Feb. 4th.
(after-school observations & groups explored neighborhood)
-  team info/survey/notes files @ bottom of page.

                     2nd Annual Walk+Bike to School Day
                                            October 9th  (Due to Picture Day on Oct. 8th)
                                             Student Enrollment = 396  (approx. 14 over last year)
                           Tally Results:    Student Walkers = 133
                                                                      Student Bikes = 17 
                                                                                     Total = 150    (37.8% participation)  (34% last year)
                                                                     (+Parent Walkers = 40)

Month of May 2014
Walk+Bike to School Challenge
All through May families are encouraged to choose walking & biking to/from school as 
healthy 'green' alternative to travel by car.  Students need to wear a helmet if using a bike
or scooter.  Incentives & prize drawings are part of the fun at Guy Lee.  These include: 
stickers, temporary tattoos, ribbons, slap bracelets, shoe reflectors, bike bells,
                          SPLASH swim passes, helmet vouchers & a Razor scooter.                                                   

'Fire Up Your Feet' - May 2015 Competition

Guy Lee has been taking a more "active" role in the Oregon challenges.
$10,000 is available to schools in the state who participate & track student, parent & staff activities in/out of school.
Last October 2014, Guy Lee won a $1,000 - 2nd place award in the final school standings.
We won an overall total of $1,400 from the challenge.
LET'S DO IT AGAIN!  Funds help improve new bike parking.
Parents can register/track for themselves on the site so our school receives points in the MAY 2015 Challenge.   OR
Parents can track their activity on paper & submit it to Mr. Barnhart to enter online.
Student's 'in school' activity is already being counted.
Fire up your feet today for Guy Lee!

Help Guy Lee win part of $7,500 in the state of Oregon.  Each family member can sign-up & record their physical activities in May both in/outside of school.  Even PE & Recess counts!  By using the online 'Activities Tracker' we earn points per capita & parents walking to/from school with their children counts too!

Springfield 2014-2015 SRTS
                                             Focus Schools Unveiled
                                                                               -Centennial Elementary              -Guy Lee Elementary                          
 -Yolanda Elementary                   -Briggs Middle School                           

 These schools will be forming 'Safe Routes To School' teams in the fall to develop SRTS Action Plans that are unique to their school.
If you are interested in being involved in one of the teams, please email emma.newman@springfield.k12.or.us 
Bike Racks - In a 2013 bike parking site analysis, Guy Lee would ideally need 34 'staple type' racks (space for 68 bikes).
Walking School Buses = Groups of students who live near each other & walk to/from school together in a coordinated effort. 

'International Walk+Bike to School Day'
('Picture Day' on Oct. 9th)  
October 10, 2013, Guy Lee students/families had the opportunity to participate.
Those students who walked or biked to school that day received free incentives that may have included:
  • a helmet
  • shoelaces
  • great stickers
  • temporary tattoos (kids love 'em!)
  • prize ribbons (like the ones you used to have on your peg board!)
(Parent volunteers (4) teamed-up with Green Team students in key locations to welcome students that morning)
Our recorded tally for this 1st Annual event was 124 students who participated.
Guy Lee was also approved for a $300 reimbursement stipend from LTD/Point2Point for October.
These funds will help us purchase bike helmets & locks for students in need of safety gear as an incentive for
choosing bicycling as a 'Greener' & healthier way to come to school.
We ordered 17 bike helmets from the same supplier the Springfield police uses & 22 locks with the funds.
Safety is the main focus even if students don't ride to/from Guy Lee. 
Springfield District #19 is hiring a 'Safe Routes to School' Coordinator to help encourage walking/biking to Springfield schools.

'Jump Start Your Youth Bike Safety Program'
Lets cross our fingers that our school district is selected for this 1-year grant program Fall 2014. (click link above for info.)
What a great opportunity for district students to learn bike safety in PE at school & encourage healthy travel.
It might be possible to explore doing an after-school class if there isn't enough time in PE. Update: Another School District was chosen for 2014.
Emma Newman is our district 'Safe Routes to School' Coordinator for the next 3 years. Although she has certain schools to focus on during that time,
she has expressed a willingness to expand her assistance to other schools that show interest & have a contact support.

Bradley Barnhart,
Feb 1, 2015, 9:01 AM
Bradley Barnhart,
Feb 1, 2015, 9:01 AM
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