Team Minutes

*Very Busy - Will Update When Able.

Nov. 20th 2014
-  13 students were in attendance.

Nov. 13, 2014

Sept. 4th - Oct. 30th 2014
-  In conjunction with the after-school STEAM program, we are having our snack in the Cafeteria before going to Rm. 22.  Green Team had 'Clean Water University' again.  The activities were similar to Fall 2013 with our instructor being Amber Fossen (Professor Amber).  In addition to having our regular Thursday meetings, we had a couple 'Early Release' Friday meetings due to a field trip to the Water Treatment Facility on Sept. 19th & clean water university labs.  Oct. 30th was our CWU graduation celebration in the library.  There were 13 students who officially did so.  Minutes were not kept during this time.

June 12, 2014 - in Library
-  21 + 2 guests at our last meeting.  Snack was cupcakes & milk.
-  Some students were really late with Safety Patrol & we mistakenly ate the extra cupcakes not realizing they were still coming.  :(
-  Though there was discussion about fairness in allowing them to select from 'The Turtle', it ended well.
-  Mr. Barnhart shared a slideshow presentation video to the music from 'Fly Away Home' that we watched early spring.  It contained pictures from our activities over the year with many of the photos taken by our student photographers.
-  Kira requested to share a song she composed & then we opened it up for others who'd like to share something with the group.  Several shared anime drawings they had done. 
-  We did an activity for our 5th grade team members who were leaving to go into middle school next year.  Mr. Barnhart asked us to write positive comments, qualities or talents we recognize in each of them next to their name on a sheet of paper.  These were later cut into strips, taped onto another sheet & placed into a sheet protector for that person as a gift.
-  We encouraged the 5th graders to be leaders & work together at Hamlin, Briggs or elsewhere to create a Green Team there.  We'll miss you.
-  The team explored coming up with a Green Team chant & a few students made a go at it for the group.

June 5, 2014 -  Field Trip to BRING Recycling & Glenwood Central Receiving "The Dump".
-  23 in attendance.  Snack was PIZZA & milk.
-  2 students weren't able to go on the trip, but enjoyed pizza with us.  Mr. Spain, Isabella's dad & Mrs. Barnhart were volunteers.
-  Mr. Spain wrote name tags for members to wear.
-  After Mr. Barnhart explained more about the locations we'd visit & team expectations, we went to view the Compost bin from Sanipac.
-  The earliest we could get a bus was 3:45pm.  It was neat having a bus driver that was a regular driver at Guy Lee.
-  At BRING we met Brett.  He explained about their facility using solar power & limiting their cost for storm drain/sewer fees with having run-off  go to their bioswale
-  We also got to see some of their concrete bridge railings from Hwy 101 that were salvaged to REUSE.
-  A highlight was exploring their garden area that included salvaged items like a mural made with metal piping, tile art for a bench & pathway.  Their garden gate was really neat & using bed springs for trellis interesting.
-  We traveled to "The Dump" & did a walking tour while wearing safety vests for visibility.  Brett explained how different things can be recycled there to reduce dumping fees & the importance of separating items correctly to not pollute materials in the recycling process for them.
-  Since "The Dump" was open, we saw people emptying their vehicles & trailers.  It was surprising how things could be donated to BRING even for their parts for free or recycled, but end up in the landfill instead.  One guy threw a round metal table with a glass top into a recycle bin & there was a loud shatter when it broke.
-  We went up on a metal catwalk at the north end of the pit to see things & use our senses.  It stunk!  It's hard to believe so much is thrown away into the landfill forever.  One assignment Brett gave us was to look for 3 things that could have been recycled in some way vs. ending up in the pit & later the Short Mt. landfill. 
-  It was hot outside & many of us got thirsty, but we had the chance to walk through a misting station to help cool off before getting back on the bus for Guy Lee.  We'll have to remember to bring water if we take field trips just in case.

May 29, 2014 -
-  23 in attendance.  Snack was Jimmy Johns subs & milk.
-  The team won an online contest by Create Plenty.  A virtual 'quilt' square was created talking about our Green Team efforts & the plastic cap wall mural.  It's hoped that the quilt will become a hub for green teams to support each other & get ideas.  We won $100 & 10 'Young Zeronauts' t-shirts.
-  Work continued on attaching caps to the mural.
-  Permission slips were sent home for an upcoming field trip to BRING Recycling & Glenwood "Dump".

May 22, 2014 -  Meeting cancelled due to sickness.

May 15, 2014 -
-  16 energetic students at this meeting.  Snack was brownies & milk, but the milk was raided by students before Green Team.
-  Welcome to Tommy in joining Green Team.  Some 5th graders this year were involved in choir activities & weren't able to join the team.
-  We set-up work on the mural outside since the weather was nice.
-  Several members took a break from attaching caps & used our cap boxes for a impromptu activity.  They set-up two walls with the boxes & teams to have a grass 'fight'.  They needed time to enjoy being kids & it was surprising how some could completely hide underneath a vanilla crunchies box.

May 8, 2014 -
-  10 students at this meeting.  Snack was popsicles.
-  Mrs. Barnhart joined us for this meeting & helped sort plastic caps.
-  We set-up work in the hallway since it was raining outside.
-  Saturday, May 31st is planned for parents/students to 'drop-in' to work on the wall mural from 9am-4pm.

May 1, 2014 -
-  19 excited students at this meeting.  Snack was cupcakes with 2 tic tacs on top & milk.
-  Congratulations to Kyla with winning our school's spelling bee to represent Guy Lee at the district contest.
-  Welcome to Kira in joining the Green Team.
-  Tic tacs were to be a joke for snack, but we ended up being outside & couldn't hide the cupcakes.
-  We set-up to work in the hallway again on the mural, but decided it would be nice to take the work outside with it being a sunny day.
-  Two more cordless screwdrivers were added with some gloves to hold caps with.
-  We again took turns sharing drills while some sorted caps.  The weather was great so many enjoyed just laying in the grass.
-  Since we are behind with finishing the mural, a Saturday event may be planned to invite parents/students to participate.
-  Mr. Barnhart announced with his winning an ACE award in the district, that we'll have $1,000 for Guy Lee.
-  The team discussed some ideas on how Green Team might use the funds.  Some ideas were:  A green house, developing the butterfly garden, Paper-making kits, team t-shirts like other green schools & even getting a box turtle as a mascot for Green Team.
-  Mrs. Gorham had expressed interest in the green house idea prior to our installing the garden beds.  Harbor Freight has a 10'x 12' one on sale that could be placed in the Quad Courtyard.

Apr. 24, 2014 -  Meeting cancelled due to schedule conflict.
Apr. 17, 2014 -
-  Only 10 in attendance.  The team met in the hallway outside Rm. 22.
-  Welcome to Cherish to the Green Team.  It was also her first time using a cordless drill.
-  5th Grade Choir was practicing for their musical & the after-school STEAM program needed to use Rm. 22 for hula hoops.
-  We worked on sorting & attaching caps to one panel of the wall mural.  (26,441 Total)

Apr. 10, 2014 -
-  18 in attendance.  Snack was gummy turtles & milk.
-  Students took turns sorting & attaching caps with cordless drills.
-  Congratulations to Kyla, Rori, Isabella & Victoria for being our delegates to the 2014 Oregon Green Schools Summit Apr. 11th.
-  A 3'x 3' display showing the neat things we are doing at Guy Lee is ready to showcase at the event.
-  We received the award plaque from the Recycle Bowl competition, which is mounted outside the Main Office.
Apr. 3, 2014 -
-  19 in attendance.  Snack was trail mix & milk.
-  We started in the Library, but moved to Rm. 17 due to a school staff meeting.
-  The team worked on drawing entries for next year's BRING calendar.  We hope to have someone's artwork from Guy Lee be selected.

Mar. 20, 2014 -
-  Over 30 Green Team students & STEAM students joined us in the Library.
-  The team welcomed the Oregon Beverage Cooperative with their mascot 'Bottle Bill' as guests.  They did an interactive presentation about the Oregon Bottle Bill with students & gave hand-outs.
-  Students were especially looking forward to our guests from Wilco Farm Supply with a hen & baby chicks.  This was the first time Wilco had been approached about visiting a school for a presentation with a question/answer time.  Although the chicks were there, it was thought best to allow students the opportunity to pet the hen.
-  Everyone really enjoyed the experience & it might be something to explore in the future with having a chicken coop.

Mar. 13, 2014 -
-  20 excited & energetic students at this meeting.  Snack was muffins donated from Costco & milk.  Jasmin served as our photographer.
-  After the team ate their snack outside, we did a small "field trip" through Guy Lee Park to a wooded wetland area owned by the school district.
-  The team stopped for a couple photo opportunities on park bleachers & bridge on the way.
-  Mr. Barnhart instructed students to quietly look & listen to things around them as we entered the wooded area for group sharing later.
-  While back at the bleachers, the team discussed their observations.  We noticed different types of litter & broken tree limbs.  Some types of litter found were glass bottles & a broken VHS tape that had been strung all over the place.  Some were eager to do a litter clean-up, but we weren't prepared & didn't have time.
-  Since we had an ice storm where lots of trees & branches damaged.  It was sad to find huge piece of a tree that had broken off that was full of blossoms.  Nearly everyone took a few twigs with them.  
-  We discussed what things/ideas we could do to improve this place to make it healthier and welcoming to wildlife or birds if we decided to adopt the woods as a Green Team.
-  Everyone really liked the idea of adopting the woods as part of a conservation effort & bird habitat for Guy Lee Green Team, but we won't be doing much with the idea until next Fall.
-  When we got back to Rm. 17, Emma Newman, Safe Routes to School Coordinator for the school district, was our guest visitor.  Emma explained some exciting things she is planning for schools in the district around walking & biking.  She is working on purchasing a bicycle fleet & trailer for teaching safety skills in PE classes & maybe after-school programs.  She also talked about the May Walk+Bike to School Challenge that Guy Lee is registered to do for the first time this year.  Mr. Barnhart already has some free incentives from Oregon Walk+Bike to School & Emma mentioned some ideas of a few student incentives she is planning to get for participating schools.

Mar. 6, 2014 -
-  16 in attendance.  Snack was Cutie oranges & milk.  Sophia took attendance.  No photographer again, but a couple photos were taken.
-  We finished the movie, 'Fly Away Home'.  Several students mentioned how much they enjoyed it.
-  Mr. Barnhart had some VHS tapes of the movie & an Audubon Canadian Goose stuffed animal that made honking sounds as incentives to behave during the movie.  It wasn't easy selecting who got them as everyone did an excellent job being respectful.  Diana, Heilen & Sara were the winners.  Since it was so popular, he's going to keep his eyes out for more copies for members of the team.
-  Due to scheduling, the baby chicks won't be coming until Mar. 20th.
-  A plastic recycling survey activity & parent flyer was sent home with students.  Team members check through their homes or at the grocery store to see what kinds of & how many plastic resin types they can find.  We'll share the results next week.
-  2nd graders in Mrs. Skoog/Rm. 25 did sorting of plastic caps last week. (20,024 Total)

Feb. 27, 2014 -
-  14 present.  Snack was Goldfish crackers, raisins & milk.
-  No team photographer selected since we started the movie, 'Fly Away Home'.
-  We began learning more about terms like, Imprinting, migratory & extinction.
-  We're getting ready to start 'Audubon Adventures' & learning about Seabirds & Puffins.  Puffins almost became extinct at one time.
-  A lady from Wilco Farm Store is planning to be bringing baby chicks & share with us at an upcoming team mtg.
-  Mr. Barnhart reminded everyone about the upcoming Oregon Green Schools Summit in Corvallis on April 11th & only 4 delegates being able to attend.  The team had previously decided that one factor in deciding who was eligible to go was attendance to Green Team Mtgs.  (16,234 Total?)

Feb. 20, 2014 -
-  13 present briefly in Rm. 17.  Olivia Grace was our photographer.  Snack was rice crackers, raisins & milk.
-  Attendance was low due to the STEAM program 'Show-n-Tell' activities for families.
-  Green Team was encouraged to also share what we've been doing in the Cafeteria.  Some members were given roles of explaining different aspects of the team.  examples:  Plastic Resin Types #1-#7, Plastic Cap Mural, 'The Turtle', Clean Water University, Plans with Audubon Adventures program (birds).
-  Students commented on how fun it was to showcase our efforts to be 'Green' at Guy Lee.
-  Guest artist, Erica Gordon will be helping students Mon-Thurs. in designing, painting & perhaps attaching plastic caps for the wall mural in the after-school program.
-  (5) 4' x 8',  19/32 sheets of 'FSC certified' plywood will be worked on in Rm. 22 during the mural project....starting Mon. Feb. 24th. (13,923 Total)

Feb. 13, 2014 -
-  13 attended.  Isabella was our photographer.  Attendance was low due to a cooking class in the STEAM program.  Jordan M. & April moved away.  :(
-  Snack was veggie root chips, roasted soybeans & milk.  Students have enjoyed sampling new things.
-  Since it was nicer weather, the team split into two groups & took turns weeding the Iris flowerbed outside & sorting/counting plastic caps. (12,210 Total)
-  Parent/volunteers would be needed in the future if we try that again.
-  Some of the $1,000 Recycle Bowl award is planned for an official school garden with raised beds to the south of the building.  Mrs. Gorham is supportive of the plan & Mr. Barnhart has been working with Miss Kathy in the after-school STEAM program on it.  We're waiting on the funds & what the layout is before we can purchase the 4' x 8' x 18" raised redwood beds.  The UofO is willing to donate all the compost.
-  The team also plans on using funds for the field trip to the landfill, Glenwood 'Dump' & BRING Recycling.

Feb. 6, 2014 - Meeting canceled due to weather

Jan. 30, 2014 -
-  18 present.  Rori took attendance.  Welcome to Shaylee & Olivia Grace to the team!
-  Veronica served as our photographer this time.
-  Snack was sugar snap peas, chocolate frozen banana chips & milk.  Students also got the opportunity to sample two types of soy milk.  (refrigerated & boxed)
-  There was a discussion about whether to allow younger siblings to be regular guests at Green Team meetings if a member has to walk home from school with them.  The team voted in support especially if it meant a member couldn't participate on Green Team otherwise.
-  Junior Green Team - There was a suggestion of starting a team for younger siblings, but another advisor would be needed.
-  Mr. Barnhart announced our winning $1,000 for 1st place in Oregon in the Recycle Bowl competition.
-  Mrs. Leach dropped in to invite the team to come to the staff meeting in the library for a presentation.  Team Guy Levi was there presenting small grants for different proposals that had been made.  Green Team received 2 grants:  $257.79 Community Involvement Green Art Piece (Plastic Cap Wall Mural) & $213 Worm Composting (1st Grade Worm Feeders).
-  Continued learning about different types of plastic resins:  #1 PETE, #2 HDPE - High Density Pete, #6 PS - Polystyrene, #7 PLA (plant based).  We talked about how #7 PLA may be compostable, but it can't be recycled like other plastics.  It degrades or causes recycled plastic to breakdown & can't be made into new products.
-  We again sorted/counted plastic caps since our last meeting. (8,778 Total)
-  Help from other district schools is being sought in collecting laundry caps, large juice caps & unusual colors.  ie.  pinks, purples, brown, gold, etc.

Jan. 23, 2014 -
-  We were back in Rm. 17 & had 19 members.  Jordan M. took attendance.  Welcome to Makeala & Jasmin to the team!
-  Jasmin was selected to do team minutes.
-  Snack was brownies or apple slices w/caramel dip & milk.
-  We had a discussion about how our photographer is selected for each team meeting.  We tossed around the 'Talking Ball' Earth to give members an opportunity to share their thoughts.  The following 3 idea were presented & voted upon:
      -  Photographer picks next person to be it & must always be a new person.
      -  Mr. Barnhart picks the photographer each time.  (won with 12 votes)
      -  Have a name drawing like we do for The Turtle.
-  Makeala was chosen as photographer for this meeting.  (see noted photos here.)
-  Kyla brought a sponge with a scrubbing pad made from plants to show everyone.  You could see some green fibers.
-  Sophia passed out 17 letters written to the Green Team from 2nd graders with suggestions & pictures of what to have in the wall mural.  Members took turns reading the letters out loud & the following were their suggestions:
    (Snake, Rattlesnake, Mouse, Butterfly, Fish, Big Fish, Horse, Shark, Big Bad Shark, Bat, Tiger, Gorilla, Dog, Bunnies, Plants, Flowers, Clouds, Birds, Sky, Cat, Lion)
-  We briefly started learning about the 7 different types of plastic resins.  Angel put some examples of packaging on the table.  One example was a fast food cup/lid/straw.  The cup was #7 PLA - Plant based & 'industrial compostable'.  We could put it in our Sanipac compost dumpster, but not in the backyard.  The lid was #1 PETE - Polyethylene & since the straw didn't have a number w/chasing arrows mark, we didn't know it's type.
-  Plastic caps collected since our last meeting were dumped in the middle of the tables & everyone got to do sorting & counting. (6,213 Total)
-  note:  Clear caps aren't being included in our cap total anymore & few will actually be used in the wall mural. 

Jan. 16, 2014 -
-  We had 13 at this meeting in the library.  Veronica took attendance.  Some team members decided they wanted to do clay with an artist in the after-school program.
-  No snack this time, but plan to have a really good one at our next meeting.
-  The drawing was held for The Trash Pack board game, which was an incentive for joining the Green Team this spring.  Arwen won, but was absent.  It was decided to have another drawing for a second board game & only someone present could win.  Kassidy won.
-  Since our meetings are busy, there hasn't been much opportunity to take photos of us in action.  Mr. Barnhart introduced the idea that we have a different student each time be our photographer.  Everyone thought that would be really fun.  Lilia was chosen as our first photographer. (see noted photos here.)
-  There was discussion about two Green Team goals from our 'Merit' application.  One was switching to metal utensils in the Cafeteria & the other recycling all lunch milk cartons.  Carton Crew - Last spring, we were able to do all the cartons when 4th & 5th grades ate at different times & with fewer kindergartners eating.  We had two groups of (4) processing cartons at that time.  One idea is to open up Carton Crew to 3rd graders.  They have their recess before lunch.  Metal Utensils - It would be nice to have metal sporks (spoon & fork in one) & we wouldn't have to seperate utensils, but if we borrowed utensils from other schools not using them, there wouldn't be any cost.  The team will have to wait & see if we win the $1,000 Recycle Bowl competition to decide what to do.  We need to petition Mrs. Gorham & cook, Ms. Donna about Guy Lee switching.  The after-school program uses plastic ware for snack & it would be best to let that continue for now IF it would help convincing the cooks to change to metal ones for breakfast & lunch.
-  Mr. Barnhart checked with BRING Recycling about to doing a field trip to the Landfill, "The Dump" & BRING.  The only cost would be arraigning the district bus.  We took a survey of whether to have the field trip on a Thursday after school or a Saturday & everyone thought Thursday was best.
-  Oregon Green Schools Summit is in Corvallis this year.  Our delegation can only have 1 adult & 4 students.  It was decided that Green Team attendance will be one of the ways of deciding who will represent our school.
-  The team colored pictures with messages that focused on the environment & Earth, which will be placed in the hallways.
-  Piles of plastic caps were placed in the middle of 4 tables & everyone got to do sorting & counting this time.   (4,022 Total) 

Jan. 9, 2014 -
-  We had 20 eager students in Rm. 17.  Lilia joined the team.  Sophia took attendance.
-  Mr. Barnhart gave an update on the collecting of plastic caps during Winter break & the first week back to school.  To help supplement our drive, managers at grocery stores in Springfield are being asked if we can place an empty 5-gal. collection bucket in their bottle return area.
-  The location of the wall mural was discussed & what possible theme or ideas could be included.  Mrs. Gorham was supportive of our using two large sections of the West hallway, but it would be too big of a project for our first year.  Depending upon how things go this time & funding, the other section could be next year's project.  Guy Lee students can write a letter to the Green Team with their ideas & later we can ask for pictures to be drawn (especially for younger kids).
-  The team talked about how plastic caps are a different type of plastic resin than their containers & other things that can be troublesome with recycling them.
-  We also learned briefly about the Glenwood Transfer station or "The Dump".  It's not the same as the landfill & has a recycling area for all kinds of materials.  Since nearly everyone on the team hadn't visited the station before, we're going to set-up a field trip opportunity later this spring.
-  Donated caps ready for sorting/counting were emptied in the middle of a table.  Students were given 1-gal. bags & asked to pick a color to sort from the pile.  The rest of the students were asked to count the sorted caps & write their amount on the whiteboard.  (1,939 Total)
-  Mrs. Gorham had requested the Green Team do an official launch of the Cap Drive at next Monday's Tiger Rally assembly for the whole school.  We glued a selection of different types/colors of caps to cardboard signs, so students can be mindful & encourage their families on what to SAVE for the mural.
-  Green Team is seeking interested parents/volunteers to help at our meetings.

-  We had 24 students at this celebration activity & a few parents.  Welcome to:  America, Sara & Veronica as new members.  Joshua & Tami from GPS program also stopped in to share that a Green Team manual is being developed to assist teams involved in Lane county.
-  Snacks were provided by Mrs. Barnhart & Rudolph cupcakes by Sophia's mother.  Miss Rachael also brought items to use at a later date.
-  We had a quick graduation ceremony for Clean Water University by Miss Rachael.
-  Gift Exchange - Everyone had fun & there were some popular gifts that made the rounds.  When your ticket was called, you also got to choose an item to keep from another spot.  Keyana was the very first ticket drawn & at the end of the game, got to trade her gift with what she really wanted from all the opened 'white elephants'.  It was funny that she picked the gift that she unwrapped herself at the beginning.
- A couple members re-wrapped the gift they received for brothers or sisters at home.  Now that's really REUSING a gift. 

Dec. 12, 2013 - School/Mtg. canceled due to weather.

Dec. 5, 2013 -
-  16 were in attendance.  A new student, Aimee joined the team.
-  The snack was banana chips & milk for the 4 students who aren't in the after-school program & get a snack there first.
-  It was CWU Final Exam time & the group was broken into three teams.  Miss Rachael asked the teams to come up with answers to questions, write them on a small team whiteboard & hold them up in the air.  Questions had different point values & would then be placed on the big whiteboard under their team names.  Miss Rachael mentioned how CWU was geared a bit differently from the regular program for the Green Team & not all the handouts were given to the Green Team.  Mr. Barnhart asked the last question, "What color is also a word meaning Water?"  Answer = Aqua - Agua in Spanish.  The winning team got prizes from Miss Rachael & all the students got to take home their binders.
-  In our Green Team discussion, we talked about a couple of the team 'Merit' application goals.  We'll have more time since CWU is ending to focus on these things & getting our hands dirty with the courtyards & garden projects.  One member showed her example of posters the classrooms involved in the GPS program made to put up in the hallways that talk about saving the Earth & being 'Green'.  Great job!
-  We need to work on a petition/pledge for Mrs. Gorham & the cooks for our school to switch from plastic disposable utensils to metal reusable ones.
-  A Community Outreach Project is also needed for advancing to the 'Premier' level in Oregon Green Schools.  Mr. Barnhart passed around an issue of 'Ranger Rick' magazine, May 2011 that has an article, 'Cool Caps'.  Plastic caps/lids on bottles, jugs & tubs are not recyclable in Lane Co. & are suppose to be removed before the items are placed in recycle bins.  Grocery stores that have bottle returns as well as having an ongoing cap drive in the community would be involved.  The article talks about the creation of a wall mural using the caps.  Fish, birds, butterflies, plants & flowers can be created by painting sheets of wood & screwing the caps in patterns.  There was overwhelming team support for the idea & the proposal was later presented to Mrs. Gorham, who really liked it & gave her full support.  The West hallway (side with windows) is the proposed mural location.  Guy Lee students will be given the opportunity to make pictures of what the mural might look like or animals to included.  see photo here.

Nov. 21, 2013 -
-   17 excited students were at this meeting.  It was good to see those who missed out last time due to confusion about the after-school program.  We were happy to have America join the team, but were saddened that Austin moved away.  His parents had been volunteers at the Walk+Bike to School Day.
-  Our snack was popcorn w/milk, frosted animal cookies & punch.  (Mrs. Barnhart is partly to blame for the 'treats')
-  'Springfield's Three Water Systems' was the CWU topic.  Miss Rachael briefly discussed Waste, Storm & Drinking Water.  Students then made water collages using pictures from calenders & nature magazines, while Miss Rachael traveled around quizzing them with questions to see if they knew what water system her questions related to.
-  Students were eager to hear the our results for weight totals for the Recycle Bowl Competition.  We won't know the competition results until Jan./Feb.
-  We briefly discussed the December 19th 'White Elephant REUSE Gift Exchange'.
-  Alivia & the Kids from Green Team signed a 'Thank You' card, which was given to Mr. Barnhart.
-  Rori & Alivia announced their plans for a starting a Bee Club on Sundays at their house to learn about helping bees.  A sign-up sheet was passed around.

Nov. 19, 2013 - Hope in Action Conference Field Trip,
-  Most of our Green Team were able to attend the event.  All of Mrs. VanBrunt & Mr. Norris classes attended, while 11 Green Team students in Mrs. Gonyea went along with Mr. Barnhart.  There had been some mix-up with registration, but it worked out in the end.  We took two buses & everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet other elementary schools involved in the GPS program this year.  There was a morning & afternoon session of classes students could choose from.  Some examples were; "Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens!", "Who Grew My Food?", "Race for the Pond", "Renewable Energy and YOU".  Students also enjoyed the music entertainment at the end as well as the 'Open Mic' opportunity to share their appreciation & what they enjoyed about the day's activities.  Green Team really felt inspired that they can make a difference in their world. 

Nov. 14, 2013 -
-  15 students met in Rm. 17.  Our location was changed due to a new after-school grant program needing Rm. 22.  Heilen joined our activities, but needs her mother's approval.
-  Most of our members are participating in the after-school program as well as Green Team, which has caused confusion with some thinking they had to choose one or the other.
-  Our snack was celery w/peanut butter & chocolate milk.  (Most are able to eat their regular snack & then come to Green Team)
-  Miss Rachael, Ross & Meghan again joined us in looking at Aquatic Macroinvertebrates found in creek water.  These organisms are important for healthy waterways in feeding fish.  Pollution can make it difficult or impossible for some types to survive.
-  We did a short activity on how to use a Dichotomous Key to identify characteristics of something.  A Dichotomous Key consists of pairs of statements with opposite characteristics about what your examining.  Depending upon which statement is true, leads you to a different pair of statements until you have properly identified the organism by name.
-  In the four stations that were set-up, there were a variety of macroinvertebrates to discover.  When one was identified at a station for the first time, it's name was put on the whiteboard & a tally mark placed by it when more were found later.  IT WAS AWESOME!
-  Some examples of types:  Clam, Mussel, Crayfish, Freshwater Shrimp, Aquatic Worm, Sowbug, Leech, Planarian & Scud.  Types of Larva = Water Penny, Mayfly, Stonefly, Damselfly, Dragonfly, Riffle Beetle, Dobsonfly, Fishfly, Alderfly, Whirligig Beetle Caddisfly, Aquatic Pyralid mMth, Midge, Net-winged Midge, Soldier Fly, Black Fly, Watersnipe Fly, Dance Fly, Crane Fly, Horse Fly & Deer Fly.
-  Mr. Barnhart announced we didn't get awarded a $2,000 grant from the Springfield Education Foundation for seed money for a fundraiser.  The idea/proposal came from the leaders of our GPS program.  They are going to see how successful fundraising efforts are in a couple other elementary schools in the GPS program in Eugene.

Oct. 31, 2013 -
-  16 students (many in costume) enjoyed spider cupcakes made by Mrs. Barnhart at this meeting.  We did drawings for extra cupcakes as well as for going to 'The Turtle'.
-  Mr. Barnhart shared the status of how many pounds of recyclables Guy Lee has collected over the past two weeks for the 'Recycle Bowl' competition.
-  Rachael & her friends Ross & Meghan (in costume) from the city introduced our CWU activity, 'Water Quality Testing'.  Ross was a classmate with Mr. Barnhart in the Lane Co. Master Recycler program last spring & Meghan helped our school last year with holding a 'Scoop the Poop' pledge event for dog owners in our neighborhood.  'Canines for Clean Water'  Guy Lee has two 'DogiPots' dispensers on the grounds to encourage owners to pick-up after their dogs.  Pet waste contributes to water pollution. 
-  The team divided into three stations at the tables & used different chemicals to analyze creek water & sometimes compared it with Guy Lee tap water.  The groups would rotate to each station after others finished their testing.  It was really fun to use the different tools, acid, tablets & powder to see how clean the creek water was.  See photos here.  (note:  Bike helmets (17) ordered for those Guy Lee students needing one from our Walk+Bike to School Day were passed out on Nov. 1st.  The locks haven't arrived yet.)

Oct. 24, 2013 -
-  18 energetic students were in attendance.  We had Fiji apple slices for snack and Chris C & ? distributed them.
-  The last of our team who hadn't yet chosen something from 'The Turtle' were selected this time.
-  Mr. Barnhart mentioned that the school district published a blog article about Guy Lee Green Team & that a 5th grade teacher at Page Elementary was interested in starting one at their school. (see under News)  We had 7 volunteers to assist at the 'Family Reading Night' Oct. 29th.
They are:  Arwen, Rori, Keyana, Sophia, Kyla, Victoria & Alivia.
-  Angel & Jordan G. helped record ideas on what we could send to Page elementary to encourage forming a team.  ie.  Send them stuff of how Green Team works or send them a flower.  Send a 'Spring River' poster with signatures & comments.  Send pictures of us doing Green Team.
-  Rachael introduced our CWU activity, 'Water Quality Testing Prep' & we learned key terms to help us for next week when we actually do water testing with Rachael's friends from the city.  We did a work sheet on terms like:  Turbidity, Dissolved oxygen, Phosphates, Nitrates, Temperature & pH.  These will help us analyze real water samples & decide what type of pollution activities may have been a cause.  We also did Bingo with answers to trivia questions being the squares to win.  It was really fun & Rachael's prize box was a big hit. See photos here.

Oct. 17, 2013 -
-  18 excited students came to this meeting.  We have a total of 20 this Fall.  Welcome to Kassidy joining the team after missing last week.  We had green grapes for snack, which Sophia had suggested the day before.  April & Victoria distributed them among the team.
-  Kassidy & 4 others got to select from 'The Turtle'.  They were shocked to find there were only pencils inside!  Mr. Barnhart reminded everyone that things inside 'The Turtle' can change from week to week & that he took all the cool items out as a lesson about last week's decision with having 5 winners each time.  Of course he still allowed those chosen to pick from the good stuff too.  After everyone has an opportunity to win, the team will decide about having fewer winners each week.
-  We are officially in the 'Recycle Bowl' competition, which starts Monday, Oct. 21st & are competing with a charter school in Oregon City for the $1,000 prize.
-  Rachael introduced our CWU activity, 'What's in the Water.' with a brainstorming session.  Members were first asked for the names of the two rivers in Eugene/Springfield & then to think of types of pollution that can find it's way into our rivers.  Rachael & Mr. Barnhart weren't sure what to say when one person mentioned, "Valley River"!  Hopefully our students will now remember our local rivers, the McKenzie & Willamette.  ie. Animal Waste, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Sediment, Soap, Litter, Auto Fluids, Yard Debris & Household Chemicals.  Each of our 3 tables were given a pretend water sample from a location along a river bank & a graph.  Each sample team then glue colored squares onto the graph that represented the different types of pollution found in their sample.  They worked as scientists to analyze the results on what factors may contribute to the unsafe levels of some pollutants & what activities near the river bank are happening there.  Each team presented their findings to the group.  One decided there was a farm operation near their location, another an automotive shop & the last a residential neighborhood. See photos here.  Kassidy quote, "Green Team is so much fun!  It's not boring at all!"

Oct. 10, 2013 - 
-  The 'Walk + Bike to School Day' went fairly well.  We had 3 GT parent volunteers & another parent who helped tally students as they arrived at school.  Green Team members:  Isabella, Angel, April, Austin, Marelyn & Cyndi wore 'Green' PE jerseys as they handed-out incentives.  We recorded 124 students who participated.  There were 7 that came to school on bikes.  Guy Lee was approved for a $300 Reimbursement Stipend from LTD/Point2Point to go toward incentives of helmets & bike locks for Guy Lee students that may need them during the month of Oct.  Mr. Barnhart & parent volunteers wrote down name/grade of students who mentioned not having these items in hopes we can provide encouragement for safety & a 'Green'/healthier alternative to travel to school than by car.  GO GREEN!
-  17 excited students came to our second Green Team meeting.  We had 4 new members join the team.  They are:  Austin, Chris C., Diana & Jordan G.  This brought our active members to 18.  Our snack was 'Green' apple slices & caramel squares.  Students assisted in preparing & distributing the snack by helping Mr. Barnhart use an apple slicer & some worked together to figure out how to equally divide the squares among each other.
-  Rachael introduced our CWU activity, 'The Incredible Journey' with a brainstorming session.  Members were asked to think of locations in nature where water may be found upon the Earth.  ie.  Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Glaciers, Ground Water, Soil, Plants, Animals & Clouds.  She then had individuals place a picture sign with each on different walls around the room, a box die & container with plastic colored beads at each location for a game activity.  Each person was given a bead tied to a bracelet string that represented a water drop & told to go to the location that matched the color of their bead.  They then were to team-up with a partner & roll the box die to see where they would go next as a water drop on their journey.  When they arrived at their new location, each person added a bead to their string of that color & rolled the box die there.  Sometimes people rolled a 'STAY' they'd put another bead of the same color on their string as would their partner.  When water partners went to the CLOUDS, they had to go with a new person that arrived there to continue on their incredible journey.
-  When the game was over & our bracelets had lots of beads, we were asked to draw a map with pictures representing the places we visited as a water drop on our individual  journeys.  We have some really good artists on the Green Team! 
-  There was a team discussion following CWU.  Mr. Barnhart introduced our 'Talking Ball'.  It's a small squishy Earth ball that is tossed to an individual team member when we  are discussing things.  Everyone has to respect & listen to the person with the 'Talking Ball' while they are speaking.  Arwen & Sophia helped record our minutes.
-  Kyla brought up a suggestion about those who have been door prize winners & have gotten a prize from 'The Turtle'.  She thought it would be more fair to allow those who haven't gotten that opportunity to be the ones eligible each week.  The discussion then turned to how many winners should be picked each week.  ie.  One, Three, Five, Seven  & 0ne hundred were mentioned, but in the end Mr. Barnhart had to limit it to five.  Our 4 new members were winners chosen to select from 'The Turtle'.  See photos here.

Oct. 3, 2013 -
-  14 excited students joined the Green Team for it's first meeting of the school year.  They are:  Marelyn, Cyndi, Sophia, Kyla, Victoria, Isabella S. Keyana, Alivia, Angel, April, Arwen, Rori, Jordan M. & Astril.  6 students were absent or had changed their mind.  To celebrate the occasion, we had cupcakes with green frosting made by Mrs. Barnhart.
-  Rachael Chilton introduced the 'Clean Water University' program & invited each member up to receive their binder & shake hands.  To help get to know each other, we did an activity where we tossed an inflatable Earth ball in a circle.  When you caught the ball, you announced where your right thumb was located.  ie.  On land or on water.  We were then invited to share a favorite water story.  The results of how many times our thumbs were on land vs. water didn't go as expected & we ended up with more 'land' than 'water'.  Rachael informed us that approx. 70 percent of the Earth surface is water, 3 percent is fresh water & only 1 percent is what is accessible to people.
-  Tami Darden with 'Partners for Sustainable Schools' joined us in our first meeting & hopes to share at our next meeting some exciting things planned for the two 4th/5th grade classrooms (Rms. 9 & 10) in the 'Green Partnership Schools' program this year.  Most students on the Green Team this Fall are in Rm. 8.
-  The team discussed two upcoming events:  'Walk + Bike to School Day' on Oct. 10th.  6 members volunteered to team-up with parent volunteers that morning at 7:30am to hand-out incentives for Guy Lee students who walk or bike to school that morning.   They were:  Rori, Isabella, Angel, Alivia, April & Kyla.
The second event was whether the team wanted to participate in the 'Keep America Beautiful 'Recycle Bowl Competition' for a chance to will $1,000 in Oregon.  YES!
-  Near the end, we had some door prizes.  Winners got to pick them from a green egg-shaped basket.  Keyana helped us record suggested names to call the prize basket & then everyone voted on which one they liked the best.  The suggested names were:  Lizard, Tree Frog, The Hatch of a New Beginning, The Turtle (6), Go Green Egg, Green Grass, Grassy Field, Happy Greenster (1) & Duck Egg (3).  'Turtle' won. (Kyla's name)  See photo of 'The Turtle'  here.