Team History

Team 2013-14
The Fall team has 20 enthusiastic students signed-up to meet once a week.  Members include:  Alivia, Angel, April, Arwen, Astril, Austin, Chris C., Chris B., Cyndi, Diana, Isabella, Jordan G., Jordan M., Kassidy, Keyana, Kyla, Marelyn, Rori, Sophia & Victoria.  'Clean Water University' (CWU) is the main focus for an hour with 15 mins. of additional team time for discussion, activities & event planning following. 
Team 2012-13
Congratulations!  Guy Lee moved-up to a 'Merit' level Oregon Green School & recieved a 'Big' $500 incentive grant check from Lane County Waste Management & City of Eugene for their efforts.  The following Sept. the real check will be presented to the school along with a plaque.  Teacher Peter Almeida was GT Site Coordinator.  Team included:  (will include names as we learn of them)   
Team 2011-12
Welcome Aboard: Albrina, Ashlee, Artie, Breanna, Cody, Daniela, Dusty, Eugene, Gabriella, Gicela, Grant, Hailee, Heidi, Hunter, Isreal, Jamie, Jared, Jordan, Joshua, Lydia, Lyle, Makayla, Moises, Paige, Rhianna, Sahian, Skyler, Stephan, Stephanie, Steven, Tyler & Tyra!!
Team 2012 has already done a great job getting our courtyards ready for spring.  Nice work Team!
Team 2010-11
Green Team 2010-11 was are first ever official Green Team although some of our earlier graduates will let you know that we had many an unofficial after school groups here at Guy Lee that focused on helping our community.   However last year's team was really focused on some key programs we would like to continue: school composting of food and paper towels, school gardening, mural design, and education about sustainability.  Teacher Jill Davidson was GT Site Coordinator.
A huge thanks to our student team: Camile, David, Hailee, Heidi, Liberty, Lyle, Makayla, Nakye, Nicholas, Sadie, and Skyler:)
A huge thanks to our parent volunteers: Carol Ford
A huge thanks to our non-profit groups: Green Schools, Food to Farm, AmeriCorps, and Oregon School Garden Project for helping us get a great start to our Green Team!
ALSO... a huge thanks to the Sprinfield District Team, especially Ed Naylor and Springfield's local business, Rexius, for graciously donating our soil.