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School Tips

Crayola ColorCycle Recycling Program

Weekly Classroom Recycling
Wednesday & Friday Mornings
Two students carry/empty your classroom container into the large hallway bins by 9:00am.
Hallway bins are stationed as follows:
  • 2 in North Hall near Middle Hall
  • 2 in South Hall by Staff Lounge
NOT for recycling:  Vanilla Crunchies, wrappers, pencils/shavings, tissue, paper towels & food soiled items.
OK for Compost:  Tissue, paper towels, popcorn/sacks & pizza boxes.
 In the Cafeteria
Some students have shared tips on separating lunch waste quicker or reducing messes.
                                       -  Separate plastic & trash before getting up from your table.
                                       -  If you had a sandwich, hold your tray & edge of the plastic wrap when
                                          dumping Food & Paper.  It won't accidentally go into the wrong one.
                                       -  Stand up from the table before picking up your lunch tray.
                                       -  When you sit down, turn your tray so the milk is at the top.
                                       -  Put your tray down on the condiment table & use both hands on pump.
Mr. Barnhart quote:  "Food and Paper in the 'big one', Plastic and Trash in the bucket."
Bradley Barnhart,
Sep 15, 2013, 1:23 PM