Green School Goals

2013-present  'Merit' level Goals (Student generated ideas)
Reduce Waste:
  • Switch to metal utensils in the Cafeteria (instead of plastics)
  • Technology instead of paper & using two-sides of paper.
  • Classrooms - Compost paper towels & recycle more paper.
  • Recycle all lunch milk cartons.
  • Reduce energy consumption in classrooms.
  • Reduce energy use in the Cafeteria & hallways.
  • Do something about overflowing gutters around the school.
  • Clean-out parking lot storm drains.
  2010-13  'Green School' level Goals
  • Embrace multi-cultural practices and viewpoints
  • Stop unnecessary consumption by reducing, reusing and recycling
      • Establish school-wide composting
      • Establish paper towel composting
  • Engage students in leadership and service learning
      • Establish student  gardens
      • Beautify our school campus
  • Educate our community
      • Participate in school wide events to educate and inform the community