Gardening Efforts


Garden Update
Garden beds spring 2014!
  (6) 4'x 8'x 18" raised beds near the playground. 

Vegetable Garden Installation 2014

Prepared & leveled area + Put down landscape fabric + Spread ground cover
+ Installed (6) 4'x 8'x 18" raised beds

Last year, two pieces of play equipment were relocated to the SE corner of the building.  This left the area kinda ugly without a defined purpose.  The garden project has three development areas, including a future butterfly garden. (read here) Students in the after-school garden class have been busy filling the raised beds & are ready to start planting.  The 'Farm to School' program is doing in-class sessions beginning in May for 4th graders in Mr. Moore's class & are planning to do another Family Field Trip to the Transition Farm before the last day of school.  Iris Beds - Look how beautiful they are with all the blooms.  We're always looking for parent volunteers to participate in our activities.
  • currently - 2nd/3rd phases of garden development plan on hold.
  • Fall 2015-16 onward - Gardening activities & classes conducted by School Garden Project.
  • Mar. 2015 - Construction of 6'x8' green houses completed w/help from Shane, a parent volunteer.
  • Sept. 2014 - New grass sod installed in area designated for small group outdoor instruction.
  • July 2014 - Volunteers from Royal Carribean worked on installing the green houses in the Quad-courtyard.  One 12' raised bed in poor condition was removed to make room.  They also prepared the 'Be Safe', 'Be Responsible' areas of the Garden & a triangle area by Rm. 25 for installing a future strawberry patch.  The vegetable garden beds are doing good & are being watered approx. 3 times a week.  On Thursdays, gardening students are welcome to join Ms. Anna before 'Lunch at Guy Lee Park' to help with watering.  
  • June 2014 - (2) 6'x 8' green houses were purchased to allow us to plant seeds & grow starts for our gardens earlier.  Mr. Barnhart talked with Ms. Anna & Ms. Annette in the STEAM program about becoming our school Garden Coordinators to allow him more focus on Green Team activities.
  • Apr. 2014 - (2) 12" raised beds in the Quad-courtyard in poor condition & will need to be replaced at a future date or redesigned for possible ADA accessible activities for upcoming Life Skills program in 2014-15.  Another possibility is installing a green house in the area.  Some of the plants in the front flower bed near the Main entrance didn't survive, so the Grounds Dept. plans to do some replanting.
  • Mar.-Apr. - Garden plans were developed/approved by our principal, Nicki Gorham & district grounds, Ed Naylor to include 3 development areas:
    • 'Be Respectful' area:   (6) 4'x 8'x 18" raised beds with wood-chipper material from district as ground cover.  10 cubic yards of compost donated by UofO facilities department.
    • 'Grass' area:  Nothing planned yet, but could be developed for shaded small group outdoor instruction with a couple picnic tables.
    • 'Be Responsible' area:  Future Butterfly garden with native & non-invasive plants that may also attract hummingbirds.
  • Mar. -  Preparation work for garden beds was done in 'Be Respectful' area & we plan to have installation completed soon.
  • Jan.-Feb. - Exploring the establishment of an official school garden on the south side of the school with our After-school STEAM Program Coordinator, Kathy Benzs.  Measuring/pricing for raised plant beds & ground cover material.  Extra vegetable seeds from a donation were forwarded for Guy Lee use. STEAM staff also did some indoor gardening activities with students in preparation for spring planting.
  • Dec. 2013 - Front flower bed was redesigned & planted by Ed Naylor, district grounds dept. & large plants replanted along the front of the school. 
  • June-Aug. - Ms. Joann Olivas, Title 1 EA spearheaded getting our courtyards planted with vegetables & flowers this summer.  Other Title 1 staff assisted in watering plants.
  • June - 5 cubic yards of much appreciated compost were donated by the University of Oregon for our gardens.
  • May - Mr. Barnhart separated a large clump of Iris flowers by the playground fence & now the entire flowerbed is taking off.
  • May - Green Team planted bulbs along the front of the school building & planted tomatoes donated by Ms. Olivas in the Quad-courtyard.
  • 2010-2012 - (2) 2'x 8'x 18" raised beds were installed in our two small inner courtyards & planted at various times.  An on-site composting bin set-up was intalled & later moved to the Quad-courtyard from south side of the building. 
  • prior to 2010 - (2) 4'x 6'x 12" raised beds were installed in our Quad-courtyard & planted at various times.  Three level planter box was installed near front walkway to the school with bulbs & different flowers.  A climbing rose bush was later replanted in one of the small inner courtyards since it was a hazard to visitors.
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