Community Involvement Project
Plastic Cap Drive & Wall Mural
Drive Ended - Dec. 19, 2014
33,200 Final Total.
Great Job!  Thank you for participating.
Special Thanks to Artist Erica Gordon  

Dec. 5, 2013 Green Team Meeting:
A Community Involvement Project is needed for advancing to the 'Premier' level in Oregon Green Schools.  Mr. Barnhart passed around an issue of 'Ranger Rick' magazine, May 2011 that has an article, 'Cool Caps'.  
Plastic caps/lids on bottles, jugs & tubs are not recyclable at the curb in Lane Co. & are suppose to be removed before the item
s are placed in recycle bins.  Grocery stores that have bottle returns as well as having an ongoing cap drive in the community would be involved.  The article talks about the creation of a wall mural using the caps.  Fish, birds, butterflies, plants & flowers can be created by painting sheets of wood & screwing the caps in patterns.  There was overwhelming team support for the idea & the proposal was later presented to Mrs. Gorham, who really liked it & gave her full support.  The West hallway (side with windows) is the proposed mural location.  Guy Lee students will be given the opportunity to make pictures of what the mural might look like or animals to included.
Why Plastic Caps?

different resin types & density.  Caps are often made from a different type of plastic than the rest of the container.  Their color & small size can also be problems for recycling.  Colorant can't be removed from plastic.  A Material Recovery Facility (MRF) separates the types using different sorting processes. It's only when plastics are properly separated that they can be melted, made into p
ellets & used to create new products.  It's hoped our efforts will help educate the community on the importance of removing caps on bottles, jugs & tubs before rec
ycling them.  A beautiful wall mural would be a creative way to remind students of how they can make a difference in their world, encourage recycling & impact the environment.

The Theme.
The student selected underwater coral reef theme has a deeper meaning & reminds us of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
This is a huge swirl or gyre in the middle of the ocean were trash collects & in some place can be up to 10ft. deep.
These gyres of garbage in the oceans of our world are harmful to animals & sea life that may eat or get entangled in it.

Our 'The Turtle' Prize Basket  
Two small sections of 40ft mural                            
  Springfield Schools
Guy Lee has a stockpile of approx. 18,000 caps available for use by another school willing to become an Oregon Green School.
Lane Waste Management has a $500 grant for schools who join, which would be more than enough to cover a mural project.
Mr. Barnhart is willing to provide some assistance as able & speak with interested staff/parents.

08-18-15  Summer STEAM Camp students worked more on mini-murals.
05-07-15  Volunteers (8) from Levi Strauss painted/attached caps with Green Team students on mini-murals.
                    (ie.  frog, ladybug, dragonfly, butterfly & honey bee)
04-03-15  Green Team held Coca Cola 'ladybug cap' drawing at the Oregon Green Schools Summit in Salem, OR.
                    Prizes included: (2) 'Go Green Lunch Boxes' donated by owner Kim Castner for winners.
12-19-14  Plastic Cap Drive ended.  33,200 total collected.
11-24-14  Mural Slideshow shown during Monday 'Tiger Rally' assembly.
11-14-14  Unveiling Event was held & to celebrate 'America Recycles Day'.
                   Family Movie Night followed - 'Free Willy' 1993 movie.
10-17-14  Mural Completed!!!   (15,000 caps)  It was ready to install in the west hallway.
08-25-14  Volunteers (4) from Sanipac attached caps.
07-12-14  Volunteers from Royal Caribbean attached caps among other projects at Guy Lee.
05-31-14  Wall Mural Saturday drop-in event 9am-4pm for parents/students to work on attaching caps.
03-17-14  Guy Lee students began attaching plastic caps after school.
02-24-14  Guest Artist - Erica Gordon began working with students in after-school STEAM program.
01-02-14  'Community Involvement Project' & 'Ongoing Cap Drive' began.

                        A Big Thank You to Team Guy Levi Strauss for grant funding of the mural materials.
Green Team is happy to be in collaboration with the 4th/5th STEAM program, Coordinator Kathy Bentz & staff.
                         (Many Green Team students also participate in the after-school program.)
               Rm. 22 was used while the project developed.  ie. Designing, Painting & Attaching Caps.