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                           WELCOME from
                     GUY LEE GREEN TEAM
                                                        (4th & 5th Graders)
                                                      Guy Lee Green Team
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Green Team Meetings =  (Now part of after-school STEAM program.)                                                                             Contact = Amber Mitchell, Principal
Below are some past activities:
(note:  Many programs/activities have discontinued with school staffing changes)
2016 Oregon Green Schools Summit
 was held on Friday, April 1, 2016 at the Western Mennonite School in Salem.
This year = Guy Lee Had No Student Delegation, but Mr. Barnhart still attended.
Oregon Legislature passed a ban on #6 polystyrene (styrofoam) in school lunches.
A pyramid display of a case of 1,000 styrofoam bowls was built to show how much space is wasted.
At Guy Lee, students stack empty bowls to reduce volume going into our 2 cu. yard dumpster each week.
The summit is an opportunity for students
to convene for 
a day of 
 learning & networking.



May 6, 2015 - 7:00am-8:30am                   
Bike Racks @ Guy Lee                         
sponsored by Hutch's Bicycle Shops            

'Fire Up Your Feet' - October Competition      


 Guy Lee has been taking a more "active" role in the Oregon challenges.  
$10,000 is available to schools in the state who participate & track student, parent & staff activities in/out of school.

October 2014 & May 2015 , Guy Lee won an overall total of $1,900 in funding.
LET'S DO IT AGAIN!  Funds help wellness projects/activities.
Parents can register/track for themselves on the site so our school receives points in the OCT. 2015 Challenge.   OR
Parents can track their activity on paper & submit it to principal, Mrs. Gorham to have entered online.
Student 'in school' activity is already being counted.
Fire up your feet today for Guy Lee!

Green Team Wants You....To Be A Volunteer!

Ideas for 'greening' a school.

We Recycle Used Markers                                                            Broken Crayons?
                            (All Brands Accepted)                                                                                                                        Here's a fun project.           

    Guy Lee Colorcycled 29 lbs.
                      as of 8/29/16              

Donate Points Here.
Community Involvement Project
Drive Ended - Dec. 19, 2014.
33,200 Final Total.
Great Job!  Thank you for participating.
                                                                   Special Thanks to Artist Erica Gordon                    

                                        2015 KAB 'Recycle Bowl Competition' 
Once again Guy Lee registered for the 'Keep America Beautiful' Recycle Bowl Competition.
This is a national competition in which we've been the 2013, 2014 & 2015 Oregon Champions.
The competition was held mid Oct. - mid Nov. & Guy Lee was the only Oregon school registered.
 The recycling involved is based upon U.S. pounds 
how that averages to
 current school
 enrollment & certified full-time teachers.
Our division is only for material our school generates on site.

In 2014, we competed in two additional categories
in the 'Bragging Rights' division.  ie.  Waste Reduction & Food Scrap Collection
                                                            Final results were announced Feb. 3rd - 2014 Winners
                                                Guy Lee has an impressive 71.5% of our discards NOT going to the landfill!
                                                            2014 totals were
                                                               1,233.4 lbs TRASH - (3.02 per capita)
                                                              1,075.7 lbs. RECYCLE - (2.64 per capita)
                                                              2,025.7 lbs. COMPOST - (4.96 per capita)
                                                                Congratulations! Guy Lee Elem. - 2014 National Waste Reduction Champions

                                2nd Annual Walk+Bike to School Day
                                            October 9, 2014  (Due to Picture Day on Oct. 8th)
                                             Student Enrollment = 396  (approx. 14 over last year)
                           Tally Results:    Student Walkers = 133
                                                                      Student Bikes = 17 
                                                                                     Total = 150    (37.8% participation)  (34% last year)
                                                                     (+Parent Walkers = 40)

A local carpool, bike & walk matching program made available by Point2Point part of LTD.

Springfield 2014-2015 SRTS
Focus Schools Unveiled
-Centennial Elementary                    -Guy Lee Elementary                     -Yolanda Elementary                   -Briggs Middle School                           

 These schools will be forming 'Safe Routes To School' teams in the fall to develop SRTS Action Plans that are unique to their school.
Walking School Buses = Groups of students who live near each other & walk to/from school together in a coordinated effort. 
Bike Racks - In a 2013 bike parking site analysis, Guy Lee would ideally need 34 'staple type' racks (space for 68 bikes).
Fall 2015 - (20) staple-type bike racks are awaiting to be installed.
Jan. 28th - Guy Lee SRTS Team held their first meeting.  visit here for info/survey/note files.
Nov. - Data from Student Transportation Surveys were graphed.
(note:  Guy Lee has the highest walking/biking results among elementary 'focus' schools.) 
Nov. 14th - $1,400 in awards from Oct. 'Fire Up Your Feet' will help toward bike parking.
July 12th - Volunteers from Royal Caribbean cleaned/painted our 5 bike racks.  Woohoo!