Working with Your Calendar

Working with Your Calendar

To open your calendar in Outlook Web App, click  Calendar in the Navigation Pane. While you're viewing your calendar, you can double-click a meeting or appointment to open it. After you open an item, you can view details or make changes. If you double-click a repeating item, for example, a weekly meeting, you can choose to open the occurrence (the meeting only on the day you selected) or the whole series (every meeting).

Appointments and Meetings

  • An appointment is a block of time you mark on your calendar for a specific activity, for example, a lunch appointment, or to set aside time to work on a project. Appointments can be a single occurrence or can be scheduled to repeat, for example, a weekly appointment to prepare a report. Your appointment may be with other people, but will appear only on your calendar.

Repeating Items

  • Appointments, meetings, and tasks may be one time occurrences or may repeat. A repeating item is one that appears in your calendar or tasks list multiple times, based on settings you control. For example, a meeting can be configured to repeat weekly. A task that has to be performed monthly can be configured to repeat on the first Monday of every month.