Visual "How To" Book a Meeting or Resource

Step 1: To begin, open OWA and click the small down arrow on the "New" menu from the top of the preview pane. Select "Meeting Request".
Step 2: Add the attendees in the appropriate fields, then select the Resources link from the left.
Step 3: Clicking the Resources link opens the Global Address List (GAL), click on "All Rooms" to get a list of just the rooms available.
Step 4: Double-click the room you want to add, which will auto-load it into the Resources -> field.
Step 5: If you need to book equipment for your meeting, you can add that to the Resources field by selecting the "Show other address lists", then select "All Equipment" for available bookable items. Rember to click "OK" at the bottom right to commit the changes.
Step 6: Review the booking, notice that once a location is selected from the GAL, it is auto-populated in the Location Field on the meeting invite. Add notes, agenda or attachments pertaining to the meeting.
Step 7: If you are scheduling a room that is managed by a delegate, you will receive an email stating that your request is pending approval. Additionally, each room has notes regarding particulars that you may need to know, such as whether or not the room has internet, AV, Projector, etc.
That's it. Once the delegate of the resource approves the meeting, all calendars-from the meeting organizer to the invitees-are updated to show that the meeting location is indeed booked.