New Accounts

All users must activate their accounts. Helpful hints:
First Login and The Mailbox Caching Setting
OWA caches the email address of every person an email is sent to, which expedites the address lookup process.  However, when staff are converted to OWA and other OWA
users attempt to send email to their old account, a bounceback with a non-delivery report (NDR) will occur. To avoid this system behavior, the mailbox cache
setting must be disabled. Once the entire organization is on the new system, this setting can be changed back. Additional information regarding this setting can be found here. 
Once you have activated your account, go to the Intranet homepage and select Staff Tools/Webmail ( and follow the directions below.

 The first time you log in:
  1. Click This is a private computer
  2. Click Use the light version of Outlook Web App
  3. Enter your username/password
  4. Click the Sign In button

5. Click Options in the top right corner of the screen
6. Click Messaging from the menu on the left
7. Scroll down and UNCHECK the Add recent recipients to the Most Recent Recipients list

8. Click the Clear Most Recent Recipient list...
TIP: While you are on this page, you can also add your email signature  
9. When you are finished, click the Save link at the top left of the page

10. Now Sign Out (top right corner)

You can now log on to the regular (non-light) version of Web Mail by going to: