Battle of the Books begins                                                                                              Wednesday, Feb 19th

Third Grade Music Performance @ 6:30                                                                     Thursday, Feb 20th 

Final Battle of the Books @ 9:00 in Gym                                                                       Friday, Feb. 21st

Early Release @ 12:30                                                                                                    Friday, Feb. 28th 

Book Fair                                                                                                                         March 2-5th 

Family Literacy Night @ 6:00                                                                                        Thursday, March 5th

No School ~ Grade Day                                                                                                  Friday, March 6th

PTA @ 4:00                                                                                                                      Tuesday, March 10th

Dental Screenings                                                                                                           Wednesday, March 11th

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Tag Information

District Wide TAG (Talented and Gifted) Testing ~ Springfield Public Schools

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, Springfield Public Schools will hold their district wide Talented and Gifted Testing at Ridgeview Elementary School. 

The TAG test assesses whether or not your child is at the 97%ile or above in the areas of Reading, Math, or Intellectual giftedness. The 97%ile means that if your child was in a line of 100 students, they would know more than the first 97 students in line. These children are at the top of their class, and typically above most students at their entire grade level at school.  

Students must be referred for screening by February 7, 2020. After you refer them for screening, the teacher will pull  all of the data for the screening and be in contact with you about whether or not your child would qualify to test. If your child qualifies for testing, you will receive a packet from your school with a parent questionnaire and more information about times of testing for your individual child.

If your child is already qualified as TAG, and you feel that your child may need to be accelerated a grade level, you would also speak to your child’s teacher and the TAG contact to refer your child for acceleration by February 7, 2020.  The testing for acceleration will take place Saturday, February 22, 2020, for the above grade level test in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Reference & Research and/or Social Studies. After testing, we will meet as a team with your school to discuss the next steps and fill out the Iowa Acceleration Scale.​

District Transfer Forms

2019-2020 Within-District Transfer 
2019-2020 Out-of-District Transfer

2020-2021 Within-District Transfer
    2020-2021 Out-of-District Transfer
      Dual Language Program at Guy Lee Elementary

      What if I would like to opt out of having my child participate?

      The state recently changed the requirements for parents choosing to opt-out their student from the Smarter Balanced Assessments. 

          For more information about the new Bus Pass Program, click on the links below.



      Dear Douglas Gardens Families,

      The purpose of this message is to let families know that, this year, you may notice some very young learners on our campus. Beginning this fall, the Early Childhood Cares [EC Cares] program will be housed at our school. Early Childhood CARES is affiliated with the College of Education, University of Oregon. To accommodate this program, EC Cares will be establishing a learning space in yellow pod.   The program is specifically designed to provide early intervention and early childhood special education to infants, toddlers and preschool age children in Lane County.  At Douglas Gardens, the EC Cares staff will provide positive learning experiences appropriate to the individual developmental needs of 3 - 5 year olds. Feel free to reach out to EC Cares should you wish to learn more!

      Please join us in welcoming the Early Childhood Cares staff, students and families to our school community!


      Carla Smith

      PTA End of Year Survey

      We would love to hear your feedback on our events and fundraisers for the 2018-2019 school year. Survey should take no more then 5 minutes. Thank you so much for all your support over the last year!

      Changes to Free Lunch and Breakfast at Douglas Gardens


          For the last seven years, all students at Douglas Gardens have been able to receive free breakfasts and lunch without applying for this service.  This is changing for the upcoming school year (2019/20). 


          Students who qualify can still receive free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch, but beginning next year, parents/guardians will need to fill out paperwork applications to get signed up for the program.  You can begin filling out the paperwork August 1, 2019.  



      Student Transfers 2019-2020:

      Transfer forms for 19-20 will be available by Dec 15.

      New for 19-20:  Returning Out of District students can apply during the High Priority window

      (Jan 8-31, 2019).



      High Priority begins January 8th and closes January 31st

      Open Enrollment begins March 1st and closes April 1st

      Space Availability accepted after May 1st.



      High Priority (returning students only) begins January 8th and closes January 31st

      Open Enrollment begins March 1st and closes April 1st  

                Inter-District Transfers accepted after May 1st for returning students.

                New students requests are accepted after July 1st.

      School Supply List 

      Learn more about the new Elementary Report Cards by clicking on the link below.

         Douglas Gardens Elementary leadership team and staff invested significant time during the 2015-2016 school year crafting a comprehensive achievement plan (CAP) for the school. The CAP is a plan that defines targeted work to raise achievement for all students. The CAP defines seven important objectives that the school will focus on over the next three school years. It is aimed at measurable goals, and it is monitored throughout the year. A copy of the Douglas Gardens' CAP is uploaded to the school website in PDF format for all stakeholders (staff, students, parents, family members, and district personnel) to review. Click on the link below for a copy of the CAP.


          This is a fun easy way to earn money for Douglas Gardens Elementary. 
      Keep clipping Box Tops!

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