PTA Meeting @ 4:00                                                                                                       Thursday, Nov 8th 

Picture Retakes                                                                                                                Thursday, Nov 15th

Veteran's Day - No School                                                                                               Monday, Nov 12th  

Thanksgiving - No School                                                                                                Nov. 22nd & 23rd 

Grade Day - No School                                                                                                     Wednesday, Nov 28th 

Conferences - No School                                                                                                   Nov. 29th & 30th    

Principal Awards Assembly @ TBA                                                                                Wednesday, Dec. 5th                                                                        

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Douglas Gardens Food Drive

    Our Holiday Food Basket Drive will begin on December 3rd and run through December 14th. This year our goal is to collect the items necessary to subsidize a holiday meal and provide the non perishable items our recipients could use during the two-week holiday break. We are hoping to collect the following items:

    Canned soups, canned vegetables/fruit, canned meats/tuna, peanut butter, jelly, boxed cereal, instant potatoes, pre packaged rice or pasta, tomato sauce, crackers and powdered drink mixes. Please make sure the donated items have not reached the expiration date on the package. 

Lunch Schedule

Sometimes parents/family would like to join us for lunch.  Please be sure to check into the office before going to the lunchroom.  Any outside sourced food may be shared with your child only.

Regular Schedule                  Early Release Friday 
Kindergarten    11:25                       10:35
First Grade       11:45                       10:55
Second Grade  12:20                       11:35
Third Grade     12:05                       11:20
Fourth Grade   12:40                   ​    12:15
Fifth Grade      12:55                       11:55


School Supply List 

Within-District forms will be available by Dec 29.  We will begin accepting HP & OE requests (within district students only) on January 3 (Jan 31 deadline)

Open Enrollment (into-district students) will be available by the last week of February.  We will begin accepting OE requests on March 1 (April 1 deadline)

Please note:

Requests must be submitted to the District Office (640 'A' Street) either by personal delivery, fax, email or regular mail.  

Forms cannot be turned in at school sites nor may building employees accept forms to submit.  Also, early or late applications will not be accepted.

Biggest change:  Within-District Space Availability/Exchange requests will not have to reapply to continue at the same school provided they have not moved from the address of the original approval.  Inter-District transfer students must still reapply.

Should a student's attendance and or behavior fail to meet minimum standards (90%), buildings do have the ability to revoke the student's transfer.

Within-District Student Request

Learn more about the new Elementary Report Cards by clicking on the link below.

   Douglas Gardens Elementary leadership team and staff invested significant time during the 2015-2016 school year crafting a comprehensive achievement plan (CAP) for the school. The CAP is a plan that defines targeted work to raise achievement for all students. The CAP defines seven important objectives that the school will focus on over the next three school years. It is aimed at measurable goals, and it is monitored throughout the year. A copy of the Douglas Gardens' CAP is uploaded to the school website in PDF format for all stakeholders (staff, students, parents, family members, and district personnel) to review. Click on the link below for a copy of the CAP.


    This is a fun easy way to earn money for Douglas Gardens Elementary. 
Keep clipping Box Tops!

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