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February 22 - Choirs in Concert  at SHS 7 pm
March 1:  End of 2nd Trimester
March 2-3:  NO SCHOOL
            Principal: Mr. Jeff Pendry                                       
Doors Open at 7:15 AM      -     School Starts at   7:30 AM
          Asst. Principal: Mrs. Angie Duckworth                                        Dismissal: 2:25 PM              -     Early Dismissal: 10:40 AM            Dean of Students: Mr. Andrew Ward                        
                                419.867.5662 -  Attendance Line
          Athletic Director: Ms. Pam Vinkler                                                            419.867.5732 - Main Fax Line                  

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Meeting the educational needs of young adolescents requires special curricula that feature content that connects with the everyday lives of students as well as activities that actively involve them in the learning process. SMS academic standards are high. Although the Ohio Department of Education's rating system has recently changed, it is important to reflect that scores demonstrate that SMS students are well prepared to succeed both today and tomorrow!

The entire SMS family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - takes pride in consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. Opportunities to enrich student learning, including the availability of Honors courses, foreign language offerings, problem-based learning approaches all challenge today’s learners to develop and refine the critical thinking skills they will need to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Classes are offered to students on a trimester schedule.  The school mascot is the Blue Devil.

Our high academics are complimented by equally high expectations for behavior and character!  To challenge students to realize their full potential, we offer a full range of creative, athletic and extracurricular programs, including:

Chess Club Basketball Band
Robotic Lego League Cheerleading Choir
Math Counts Cross Country Newspaper-Devils’ Dispatch
Quiz Bowl 7th Football; 8th Football Power of the Pen
Science Olympiad Track Yearbook
Principal's Weekly Message
Mr. Jeff Pendry 

New Record set in SMS Keyboarding 6 Class!
Mr. Steinline’s 6th grade touch key typing class has been in competition to see who could attain the most growth in adjusted words per minute.

Recently there was a new record set of an unprecedented 42 adjusted words per minute growth, from 26 to 68 awpm by Morgan A. Growth is celebrated by the advancement of personal posters to various columns representing growth, a gain of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and a very special column called “Plus Plus” on what the class calls the “Wall of Fame.”

The “Plus Plus” column saw its first poster, that of Morgan, recently. Every Monday the class has had a “Jolly Rancher” party, where students earn candy that showed improvement. Great job Morgan!

Offering Each 6th Grade Student Access to ChromeBooks to use daily while in school . . .
This year, SMS implemented a new effort to provide each 6th grade student with a ChromeBook!  To make this effort a reality, building   leadership worked for over six months—the process   included teachers volunteering their time and formatting ChromeBooks and ChromeBook Carts in mid October. Administration discussed with all 6th graders details of the effort , the timeline for its roll-out and shared tips, strategies, and advice at how to be successful with the technology.

Sixth grade teachers have attended since August professional development clinics that promote and support the integration of one-to-one technology. Sessions focused on ChromeBook tips, Google classroom support, app suggestions, and student-centered websites.

Here is how it works— students arrive at SMS and pickup their ChromeBooks and are responsible for them until they return the devices at the end of the academic day. Since August, 6th,  Some students and families chose to bring in their own devices, opting to use personal laptops to access the WiFi and curriculum.
With much of the curriculum available through online sites, the days of using the textbook as the main resource will be phasing out, as teachers continue to support the technology based world in which we live.  Additionally, as part of the integration, 75 ChromeBooks were shared with Springfield High School to support their efforts to further the use of technology in the classroom - we are #springfieldstrong!