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Meeting the educational needs of young adolescents requires special curricula that feature content that connects with the everyday lives of students as well as activities that actively involve them in the learning process. SMS academic standards are high. 

The entire SMS family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - takes pride in consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. Opportunities to enrich student learning, including the availability of Honors courses, foreign language offerings, problem-based learning approaches all challenge today’s learners to develop and refine the critical thinking skills they will need to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Classes are offered to students on a trimester schedule.  The school mascot is the Blue Devil.

Our high academics are complimented by equally high expectations for behavior and character!  To challenge students to realize their full potential, we offer a full range of creative, athletic and extracurricular programs, including:

Chess Club Basketball Band
Robotic Lego League Cheerleading Choir
Math Counts Cross Country Newspaper-Devils’ Dispatch
Quiz Bowl 7th Football; 8th Football Power of the Pen
Science Olympiad Track Yearbook

Principal's Weekly Message
Mr. Jeff Pendry 

Schedules, ChromeBooks, Lockers, and More!
We look forward to another amazing year with our Springfield Middle School students, staff, and families. There have been a variety of events and activities designed to familiarize 6th Grade students with their new school and reacquaint our 7th and 8th Grade students with all that we have planned for their exciting adventures in middle school.

Again this week, we have a few additional introductions to make - the three newest members of our faculty who are anxious to meet and challenge their students!  They are::
RICARDO AGUILAR, Social Studies Teacher
CHANDRA COOKE, Science Teacher, and

Plan to attend the SMS Open House on August 20th from 6-7:10 pm - you can meet our new teachers and learn all the plans we have for the 22019-2020 school year! As always, if you have any questions, please contact the main office at (419) 867-5644. Let's make this a successful school year! #springfieldstrong
One of our favorite 2018-19 stories . . . 
SMS 6th Grade Scientists Get their Hands on $500K Microscope
Okay, that’s a stretch. Springfield Middle School (SMS) Science teacher Jamie Lenox’s students didn’t actually get their own hands on the very expensive technology housed at The University of Toledo (UT) but thanks to a program offered by UT known as SCOPE (Scientists Changing Our Pre-College Education), they were able to take control remotely and explore a whole new depth of learning!

According to UT, they offer access to the scanning electronic microscope, or SEM—which provides students in remote classrooms with a look at the morphology of a variety of samples—blood cells, bacteria, as well as diatoms (it zooms up to one million times versus the typical 2000 the students have access to at SMS )!
Recently, the SMS 6th grade students learned about and used the SEM from Cassandra Zamora, outreach program manager for UT’s Instrumentation Center and Dr. Darpan Aulakh, SCOPE instrumentation scientist, who worked with them via Google Hangouts. During the sessions, students learned how the SEM works, how it differs from traditional light microscopes, and why electron microscopes are used.

You might think that with such a steep price tag, it’s a wonder that UT allows access to such young scientists,
right? Well, credit UT for creating outreach efforts like SCOPE that influence today’s generation of learners and assist classroom teachers like Mrs. Lenox to transform their instruction and push new levels of learning and understanding through “learning by doing!’ Clearly, housing a $500,000 microscope in the district is not practical—but UT’s willingness to “share” created a practical solution and of course, a “win-win” situation!

Some of the students , like Anna Knox (pictured above) got the experience of actually controlling the SEM scope, valued in excess of $500,000!! Although all did not have a hand-on opportunity all of the students benefitted from the experience. Just the magnification also, significantly greater than that which students work with in Mrs. Lenox’s classroom!
Mrs. Lenox shared, “Bringing the UT SCOPE program into my classroom has increased student interest in science, while providing a shared experience that we have been able to reference during other lessons and topics.”

Even the casual observer could see that the students were engrossed in what they were learning! They were engaged throughout the presentation, and enjoyed being able to control the impressive electron microscope to view various specimens. Mrs. Lenox continued, “Being able to interact with the scientist who was video chatting from UT campus was another highlight, as she guided the students to understand how the electron microscope works differently than the light microscopes the students have been using in class.”

This is just another example of how Springfield teachers are making and taking advantage of relationships and partnerships to enrich the educational experiences for all students!

Here are just a few of the observations offered by Mrs. Lenox’s 6th Grade students:
Anna K. shared, “ I enjoyed it all. The wasp stinger was AMAZING. One of the things that was most memorable was probably me being able to control the microscope. Something that I learned is that red blood cells literally look like oatmeal. It was an awesome experience. I hope all 6th graders get to experience this extraordinary microscope like I did.”

From Maya C.: “When the UT SCOPE came to our classroom I think it was really cool seeing samples that close. I also thought that it was cool that people got to control it with the computer. The most surprising thing about it was how the microscope could zoom in up to a million times. The UT SCOPE presentation was a really unique experience.”