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Now an annual tradition, members of the SHS senior class don their graduation caps and gowns a little early and return to their elementary schools to visit with and thank their earliest teachers.  Known as the "Senior Walk," the effort is significant for the students, teachers, and especially the young students who excitedly hold signs, cheer as loudly as possible, fist-bump,and dream of the days when they, too, will return to take one final walk through childhood!


Most people create their definition of education from personal experiences that took place while attending elementary, middle and high schools. Springfield Local Schools has redefined what its community expects for students by providing an innovative and successful approach to education that is data-driven, character and career focused and incorporates the latest technology with a K-12 curriculum that is aligned to rigorous state standards. 

Springfield’s mission is to provide exceptional education for today's learners and tomorrow's leaders. Layered curriculum, enrichment and accelerated programs, expansive course offerings, intervention initiatives and much more ensure that the mission is alive in every classroom for every student.  We are #springfieldstrong! 

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