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Principal: Mrs. Hilary Steinmiller

School Doors Open at 8:45 AM 
School Starts at 9:00 AM
Student Dismissal is at 3:30 PM
Fax:  419.867.5738

Welcome to Holland Elementary School, where our mission "We commit to work as a collaborative team to provide a safe, positive learning environment; to develop motivated and well-behaved students; to promote strong leadership and innovative learning; to set and achieve high academic standards; and encourage families to be committed to this effort as well" – is visible each day throughout our school.

It is important to reflect that Holland Elementary School has consistently maintained high academic standards thanks to the dedication of our faculty to help each student perform to his/her highest academic and personal potential!

Here is a little school history – first, Holland serves students in kindergarten through grade five and houses both the very first classrooms to provide education to Holland/Springfield

students and some of the newest classrooms in the school district!  The school's rich history, combined with state-of-the-art technology, innovative instruction and high expectations make it possible for all students to enjoy their time at school! 

Students delight in sharing stories of events and activities with friends, neighbors and even television personalities like Kristian Brown from 13 ABC! (see photo to the right!)

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Principal's Weekly Update
Mrs. Hilary Steinmiller

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A Tribute to Those Who Serve!

While Veterans Day fell on a Sunday this year, Holland Elementary School thanked our Veterans with a heart-felt program on Friday, November 9th.  Students participated in a number of activities right from the beginning of the day with a special morning assembly honoring Veterans, participated in a variety of classroom activities, and a building wide event of building our own Honor Wall.  For the assembly, coordinated by the Holland Elementary Teachers, each grade level read a passage paying tribute to those who have served.  In addition, 5th Grade Students, under the direction of Mrs. Beadle delighted the crowd with a patriotic song honoring our country and our Veterans.  Art Teacher, Ms. Sutherland, assisted the students in making and painting Blue Star Finger Stones to give to each Veteran in attendance.  To conclude the assembly, Principal, Mrs. Steinmiller spoke about the history of the Gold Star Veterans that dates back to WWI, and shared the tradition of the Gold Star Finger Stones that are being created by Holland Elementary Students to honor the fallen soldiers that are laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.   

For the honor wall, every student received a “brick” to take home and complete with their family.
  Each brick listed the student’s name, family/relative/friends name who may be serving or has served in the armed services, and then listed the branch and possibly war they were involved in.  Staff and students returned the bricks to school where we created our own veterans honor wall in the main hallway. 

Throughout the next few weeks check out the honor wall in our main hallway honoring those who have served from the families of Holland Elementary.

Holland students and staff salute those who have served on our behalf and we say Thank You!
Holland's Golden Rules
Each and everyone needs to “Be Prepared” by reporting to school each day, on time, and ready to do their best. Without the students here at school the educational opportunities get lost…lost like socks in the laundry…so students need to report to school each day, on time, and do their best.

Be Responsible – Be responsible for your schoolwork, your words, and your actions. We all have a job to do and the students are to be the best student they can be; show that responsibility by completing work and turning it in on time. Students can positively impact the culture of our school by being responsible for their behavior in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, hallways and restrooms. Being responsible for ones actions and accepting the consequences is the expectation for Holland Elementary School students.

Respect – Be respectful of one another, both the individual and their property. Respect is something all of us have to give and something all of us can earn. Respect is like what we show our American Flag and country when we stand each morning and say the Pledge of Allegiance. It is also when we use our PLEASE and THANK YOU’S, throw our trash in the trash can, share a kind word with one another. Finally, being respectful is helping to keep Holland a clean, welcoming, and friendly place to learn.

The Core Values, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Prepared, and Be Safe, will continue to be a part of the conversations at Holland Elementary. Reinforcing these Core Values at school and at home will help enhance the positive school culture at Holland Elementary!