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SHS Update June 23, 2021(includes information on Freshman Orientation Day, the Blue Devil Debut (schedule pick-up) and more!
2021 Graduation Ceremonies - YouTube
2021 Class of 2021 Graduation Slide Show

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Springfield HS is a public comprehensive high school with rigorous academic programs for students in grades 9-12.  Almost 100 faculty members and support staff are dedicated to both SHS traditions and to ensuring that each of the approximately 1200 students attain their educational goals. Students follow a trimester schedule designed to further enhance the academic environment with even more class time for a variety of learning experiences, more teacher/ student interaction time, greater opportunities for problem-solving and group activities. SHS offers enrichment through Honors, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus* classes. In addition, SHS students may also choose to enroll in a two-year vocational program offered through Penta Career Center or take advantage of classes offered through the Springfield Opportunity School. Students are encouraged to grow through community service, leadership development and character building - all interwoven into SHS academic and extracurricular programs. 

Servant leadership is the culture at SHS.  We call this "DEVILSasOne" and it is evidenced by our school's receipt of  the 
prestigious 2020 Multiplying Good  Jefferson Awards Foundation's "One in a Million" Award.  Prior to this, for 9 consecutive years the students  achieved the organization's unprecedented Ambassador Gold Banner award.  Add to this our students being recognized by ProMedica as a recipient of their prestigious  Junior Philanthropists of the Year Award (for our coordination of the annual Toy Drive) and you can see that we do "good" often and well!! 

Unique offerings such as this, combined with the school's nationally respected JROTC, programs like Science Olympiad and more help prepare students for success in our global society.  
Springfield High School's Blue Devils are rich in tradition - and we want to encourage all community members to become "true blue!"

*CollegeCreditPlus allows qualified students to receive credit for college-level courses at no cost to the student or his/her family.

Principal's Weekly Message

Traditions, Memories Versus Legacy
There have been a number of opportunities recently to share my Blue Devil memories. Both when asked during an interview for Blue Devil Radio and again at the Class of 2021 graduation ceremonies, I got the chance to reflect on what it means to me to be part of those who are known as Springfield High School alumni.

As a member of the Class of 1990, I participated in activities that my classmates and our current grads consider "traditions" I have legions of memories - whether time spent with friends and classmates before, during, and after school and those gained through academic and life lessons provided by faculty, staff, and coaches. These are threads that helped me become the man I am today. These are the memories that inspired me to become first an educator and now return to my alma mater as its Principal. These, however significant, are simply memories. There is a difference between memories and the "legacy" that I challenge our 1200 students to leave at SHS. There's a quote I saw recently that reads, "Legacy is not what I did for myself. It is what I am doing for the next generation." There's the difference - - memories are mine - although created with others their intent is personal, somewhat selfish. A legacy involves selflessness - doing things specifically to and for others. A legacy is rarely something we set out to create, and a legacy doesn't just" happen."  

When I think of those who have left a "legacy," at this school, I think of adults like Board of Education members Ev Harris and Ken Musch whose collective service to this district nears 100 years! I think of former Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Beekley, who was the SHS Principal when I graduated (yes, the same one who I twirled off the ground after receiving my diploma!), and Steve Gwin, Eddie Adams, and Tim Dishong - each of these individuals sacrificed their time and talents for the needs of others in ways that I try to emulate. I think, too, of all the former student leaders (whether through academics, the arts,or athletics) who have redefined this "community" through service to others. Those who came before me and whose actions raised the bar for all who follow. People like the Stones, Glenns, Bethels, Andersens, Yoders, Zerbeys, Denkers, Helminskis, Kobacks, and Ricky Upchurch. Those more recent like the Geigers, the Wood triplets, Eric Page and many in this year's graduating class - there are just too many there to mention!

In the fall, the Class of 2025 will begin their high school experiences and start making memories. They will do so in a building filled with traditions, legacies and opportunities. I can't wait!

Memories from 31 Years . . . and a Few Days Ago
Here are a few of the thoughts I shared with the Class of 2021 at their graduation:

"What I remember the most about my graduation is the feeling of being on stage and the excitement of coming down the aisle and that moment in the spotlight. I remember Dr. Beekley, my high school principal, waiting to greet me right over there where I will greet these grads in a few minutes. I recall I couldn't wait to get over to her for her congratulations. Dr. Beekley was special. SO when I got there I greeted Dr. Beekley with a great big hug so much so I picked her off her feet. I was genuinely just so excited. Truth be told- - I don’t remember what was said but I remember the feeling of excitement and everyone being so excited for us as students and for the day. At least for these last few minutes, I do feel a responsibility and a lot of honor to be standing here offer a few final thoughts before the presentation of the diplomas.

Let me start with this -- achievement is often anonymous. It is done by people you’ll never know...quietly dedicating their lives to improve your own. Everyday there are people doing amazing things, inventing, collaborating, solving problems, healing, protecting or simply caring for others, and we will never know their names. I am amazed each day by the potential of people. These individuals deal with the pressure, the scrutiny, the potential judgement, and still each day, do amazing things. On the flip side, though, consider the fact that we all make mistakes. Mistakes are too, often anonymous. Most of us make mistakes and most of us learn a lot when we do! Yet, some people, unfortunately, allow the risk of making mistakes to hold them back from striving to be amazing. They never realize the achievements that are right there --- waiting for them. ---The fear is too much to take that chance and be something more and reach for big achievements. I ask that you reach for being amazing even if there are a few mistakes along the way. I know you are ready to be amazing. How do I know? This is the group that have completed their education during a pandemic, you are the group that has made the grades through remote, hybrid, and in person learning, You are the ones that have enlisted in the armed forces, or are entering the job force; earned over $44,500 dollars is local scholarships and generated over $3 million dollars in scholarship offerings.

Your families and our amazing K-12 teachers made sure you're ready to achieve BIG! We have done all we can to help you prepare for what it means to walk across the stage today and take the next steps towards your futures. I am sure there were times when we frustrated you, made you mad, pushed you hard and challenged you. There were also a lot of times that celebrated with you, listened to your dreams, supported you when you were ready to give-up. You are Blue Devils first, last, and always."

This Blue Devil is an "Angel" Afterall!
Here's the gist - there had been some silliness discussed and I as much as anyone recognized that the SHS staff could use a little silliness! So, I suggested to the staff that for a small participation fee I would grant permission to step-aside from our typical dress code and allow everyone to dress-up/down (depending on your opinion of the attire!) in Hawaiian shirts as we received the first dose of our COVID vaccines. I could have stopped right there, and several times, I wished I had.  But, I kept going and suggested that if we got at least 85 people to dress "Hawaiian" raising about $400.00 dollars to benefit the Class of 2021, one of the administrators would make a snow angel in the front yard of the school for all to see. I took it a step further - we'd even do it live and share on social media. 

Somehow, the administrator ended up being me.  I guess it is only fitting that this Blue Devil released my inner "angel!"  I do have to tell you that the only part of me warmed for the rest of the day (perhaps even the weekend) was my heart.  This SHS staff loves our students!  I don't think anyone questions this fact.  We have plans to use our creativity and silliness to celebrate the Class of 2021 (and all others) in as many ways as possible.  I look forward to sharing plans with you as they start to firm up!

Piece by Piece
I've heard that the pandemic has caused the resurgence of a lot of retro activities. Board games and even jigsaw puzzles popped-up on "hot items lists" throughout the holiday season and this got me thinking! Stick with me and I tie-together my thoughts here - late winter and early spring are the traditional times that families begin exploring the educational options for students transitioning to high school. Still with me? Imagine opening that new jigsaw puzzle for the first time. You pop the lid, spill out the pieces onto a table, and most start organizing the various pieces that eventually will come together as one. It's not too much of a stretch to see a few similarities between assembling a puzzle and what happens when all the educational options are explored that exist for today's high school students.
Puzzles and new schools kind-of go together . . . there's the hunt and assembly of the corner pieces, which I acquaint to finding the place where a student fits in! Some schools are shiney, some new, and in some cases - are now virtual. It takes a while to fit everything together - there's a search, followed by the testing of a lot of pieces - in a lot of cases it's just not as easy as you might think. The pieces seem to fit together at first but there's just something that's missing. Let's look at some of the pieces involved in the assembly:

Important pieces to completing the puzzle are school counselors. Sure, they're pretty talented at somehow fitting everyone's academic needs together within our trimester schedule, yet, I know they do many more things. They listen and they have this talent for often hearing more than just the words being spoken. Especially our team of Mrs. McCarver, Mrs. DePompei, Mrs. Stroshine and Mr. Reiser. Somehow, they work their magic to connect people with whatever they need . . . answers, directions - they do whatever it takes.Working our way through more of the puzzle pieces, there's the SHS faculty. Hands down, you will not find a more caring, talented group of educators. I watched this year as every single one of these pros accomplished more that even they thought was possible to keep students learning. They found ways to tackle every obstacle, challenge, roadblock put before them. These folks have high expectations for their students - and I need to say even higher expectations for themselves. If a student is struggling, it becomes personal and they adjust their methods to find the trigger that will bring their subject matter to life for "their" students. They teach more than content, they frequently offer life lessons, too! That's what good teachers do and I'll say it again, we have the best of the best.The puzzle is incomplete without the support staff - secretaries who know all the students by name; bus drivers who deliver the students to and from school safely, the lunch ladies who serve smiles along with those breakfasts and lunches, and our custodians and maintenance team who polish the facilities and keep us safe! The puzzle is almost together, but impossible to finish without the boosters and parent volunteers who give freely of their time to enrich our school. The final pieces that complete the SHS puzzle are our students and their families.There are a lot of puzzles out there for students and families to shake before the actual assembly will occur It is important that families shake all those boxes - we just want to make sure that if you're looking around, you also give the SHS box a shake. Right now, there are a lot of missing pieces to the SHS Class of 2025 puzzle. To some, it might appear that there are a bunch of seemingly random pieces that need to be fit together. We see a bigger picture - we're assembling an exceptional education for today's learners and tomorrow's leaders. That's our mission. Let's talk about how to make it fit for you!