Welcome to Springfield High School - home of the Blue Devils!

Principal: Mrs. Rhonda Kimmons
Asst. Principal/Curriculum: Mr. Justin Bryson
Assistant Principal: Mr. Kevin Rupp
Athletic Director/Asst. Principal: Mr. Andrew Screptock

                              Doors Open at 6:30 AM
                             School Starts at 7:30 AM 
Dismissal is at 2:30 PM

Useful Telephone Extensions:

            419.867.5637        -     Attendance Office
            419.867.5618        -     Main Office Fax
            419.867.5632        -     Guidance Office           
            419.867.5736        -     Guidance Office Fax            
            419.867.5624        -     Athletics Office Secretary           
            419.867.5744        -     Athletics Office  Fax

Open House:
September 4, 2019  6:30 - 8 pm                                            

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ProMedica Junior Philanthropist Award Video

Springfield HS is a public comprehensive high school with rigorous
academic programs for students in grades 9-12.  Almost 100 faculty members and support staff are dedicated to both SHS traditions and to ensuring that each of the approximately 1200 students attain their educational goals. Students follow a trimester schedule designed to further enhance the academic environment with even more class time for a variety of learning experiences, more teacher/ student interaction time, greater opportunities for problem-solving and group activities. SHS offers enrichment through Honors, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus* classes. In addition, SHS students may also choose to enroll in a two-year vocational program offered through Penta Career Center or take advantage of classes offered through the Springfield Opportunity School. Students are encouraged to grow through community service, leadership development and character building - all interwoven into SHS academic and extracurricular programs. 

Servant leadership is the cultureat SHS.  This is evidenced iby our school's receipt in 2019 of the 
prestigious Multiplying Good/Jefferson Awards Foundation's Students In Action NATIONAL GOLD Banner.  This is the 9th consecutive year the students have achieved this unprecedented award.  Add to this our students being recognized by ProMedica as their 2017 Junior Philanthropists of the Year (Toy Drive) and you can see that we do "good" often and well!!  Unique offerings such as this, combined with the school's nationally respected JROTC, programs like Science Olympiad and more help prepare students for success in our global society.  Springfield High School's Blue Devils are rich in tradition - and we want to encourage all community members to become "true blue!"

*CollegeCreditPlus allows qualified students to receive credit for college-level courses at no cost to the student or his/her family.

Principal's Weekly Message
Mrs. Rhonda Kimmons

Piece by Piece
Imagine opening a new jig saw puzzle for the first time. You pop the lid, spill the pieces out onto a table, start organizing the various pieces that eventually will come together as one. It's not too much of a stretch to see the similarities between assembling a puzzle and what happens at the start of a school year!

Puzzles and new school years have a way of bringing us together . . . there's the hunt and assembly of the corner pieces, which I acquaint to getting the building put back together after extensive summer cleaning, improvements, and reorganization. Can I get a "shout-out" for the custodians and maintenance staff who got the classrooms, hallways, and ground looking better than ever?

Another important piece to the puzzle are the school counselors who somehow fit everyone's academic needs together within our trimester schedule. they are supported by our school secretaries who work their magic to connect people with whatever they need . . . answers, directions, keys - they do whatever it takes. Working our way through more of the puzzle pieces, there's our cafeteria-based team. These folks know what our students and teachers like to eat and care about the quality of the meals they offer everyday.

The puzzle is incomplete without the bus drivers who deliver the students to and from school safely and of course our teachers who impart on our students their wisdom while nurturing and challenging each one of us to reach for our dreams. The puzzle is almost together, but impossible to finish without the volunteers who give freely of their time to enrich our school. The final pieces that complete the SHS puzzle are our students and their families.

And we all somehow unite. Regardless of the piece we represent, the end goal is the same: to take a bunch of seemingly random pieces and fit them together until the image of what we are building - an exceptional education for today's learners and tomorrow's leaders, comes into focus.  Join us at our Open House on September 4th and see how well you fit!  

Best High School - Anywhere
Below, all can read of the endless opportunities that await students as they begin their high school careers - SHS is a place where students can dream, learn, and succeed. We can’t help ourselves – every year we get a little inspired to brag about the educational progress achieved by SHS students!   Here's what we know - while it can be challenging to interpret data-laden reports, especially with the Ohio Department of Education reporting methods and target goal-changing, we can assure you that our students are making significant progress.  The rigor and relevance of our academic standards and expectations both enable and challenge students to attain future career goals - whether they seek good-paying jobs, training programs and /or post-secondary education for dream jobs in high-demand fields.

While there are several measurements to consider when defining high rigor, many look to students’ performance on Advanced Placement (AP) tests administered by the College Board as an importance standard. College credit is offered for students attaining a score of “3” or better. The success of our AP students demonstrate that the faculty and staff at all Springfield schools are preparing learners for success far beyond scores on tests—they are challenging them to think critically and become leaders in what has become a very global society. Take a look at the last year’s results:

AP Test          Score of 3 or higher  SHS Mean Score   Ohio Mean Score   US Mean Score
Biology                              93%                                 3.37                                3.15                           2.87
Calculus AB                      63%                                 2.83                                2.94                           2.93
Calculus BC                     100%                                4.40                                3.86                           3.74
Psychology                        86%                                3.68                                3.30                           3.14
US History                         55%                                2.91                                 2.87                           2.66

Additional unique curricular options include Honors, College Credit Plus (through which students received a substantial number of credit hours during the 2017-18 school year) and other options such as Career Pathways, experiences with Communication/Journalism through WNLB 97.7fm—the high school’s 24/7 radio station, K-12 S.T.E.A.M., and one of the only JROTC (leadership and citizenship) programs in northern Ohio.