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School Starts at 8:30 AM
Dismissal is at 3:00 PM
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Congratulations to Dorr Elementary 
one of just 10 new schools in the State of Ohio to be named a "STEAM Designated School"
by the Ohio Department of Education and STEAM Learning Network!


The dedication of Dorr's teaching staff is second to none as they work tirelessly and together to help every child be his/her personal best.  Although the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE) system for rating

schools is changing, it is important to reflect that for the past several years, the efforts of Dorr Elementary School students have allowed the school to achieve high ratings from the ODE.   

We are very proud of the entire Dorr family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - for consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. We truly are committed to being exceptional - - without exception!

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Principal's Weekly Message

Project PRAIRIE 
While it has been several years since we first planted our prairie, it continues to produce many educational opportunities for our students whether in person or virtually. During our Orientation Week, we were fortunate to have a few moments to utilize the prairie for the students to serve as naturalists to explore, engage, and enjoy the wonders that are found in our very own backyard. 

With the prairie in full bloom, the students were able to observe, gather, and collect items to share in their “Prairie Journals”. The students were fascinated to find feathers, native plants, insects, and even caught a bee (which was returned to the prairie after careful observations). The students recorded their findings, and we hope that when we return to school again, the students will be able to gather even more information about our prairie. 

We understand that learning does not just take place in the classroom, or through a virtual screen, and we are thankful for the opportunity for our students to explore, engage, observe, and support the environment through our prairie and its many wonders. We will continue to work with the Toledo Zoo to support Project PRAIRIE in educating our students to preserve and protect our precious environment through this program.

Full STEAM Ahead!
It is “official”! Dorr Elementary has been named one of 10 new STEM/STEAM Designated Schools by the Ohio Department of Education. 
When we started this journey a few years ago, our staff made the conscious choice to be a school that celebrated innovation and the four C’s of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking Skills, and Creativity. Through a focused effort of our Dorr STEAM Team and our wonderful community partners, we have been recognized as a school that encompasses a culture of inquiry, problem-solving, and provides connections to the environment.

The STEAM Designation has been spurred on by the initiative of Project PRAIRIE. This initiative was a collaborative effort with the Toledo Zoo and the Dorr Parents’ Club to create a prairie on our school property. With the help of our students and staff, the prairie was planted in the winter of 2018. As our prairie has grown, so has our students’ involvement in exploring their environment and preserving our nature’s habitat.
We are excited about what Dorr Elementary has been able to accomplish with the help of our partners: The Toledo Zoo, the Toledo Symphony, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Lucas County Soil and Water Conservation District, BGSU, BGSU NWO, and the Dana Corp. In addition, our Dorr STEAM Team of Julie Daniels, Kristy DiSalle, Barb Eckhart, Kelly Kahmann, Brad Kerns, Jennifer Mercer, and Kathy Zeitler provided the necessary leadership to turn this vision into a reality. With these partners and the STEAM Team leadership in place, it is “full STEAM ahead” for Dorr Elementary.

Dorr Elementary School is in our second year of Project PRAIRIE, and we are so pleased with our progress. Our students are excited to see the prairie that they planted last winter come to life. It has been a wonderful transformation and one that will allow our school community to use this space as a “living learning lab”. This is an important part of our STEAM education that encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

As part of our Project PRAIRIE initiative, several of our classes are currently participating in a program called Monarch Watch. This has allowed the students to see the caterpillars evolve into their chrysalis and soon into butterflies. And of course, the hardest part is the waiting. Our students have been making observations and once the Monarch butterflies emerge, the teachers will be tagging the butterflies so we can share data with others from around the country. The data that will be collected will include the date of emergence, male or female, and location. This information will be shared with others to track the Monarch butterflies. This process is known as “Citizen Science”, and we are very excited to have our students play an important part in this work.

Project PRAIRIE is a collaboration with several organizations, namely the Toledo Zoo, WILD Toledo, and the Lucas County Soil and Water Conservation District. We look forward to sharing periodic updates with you as our prairie (and the students’ learning) grows!