We are so excited to inform you that our Annual Pack 36 Sleepover has been scheduled at Monterey Bay Aquarium on Saturday Feb 2, 2019.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940

The sleepover starts at 7pm on Saturday Feb 2, 2019 and ends at 8:30am on Sunday Feb 3, 2019. It costs $95 per person.  The cost includes re-entry on Sunday upon showing the sleepover wristband.  Children must be 5 years and older to attend this event.

The attached Aquarium Sleepover Planning Guide from Monterey Bay Aquarium contains detailed packing list, parking instructions and more information. It should answer all the questions you may have about the sleepover.  If you have any more questions or concerns, please email us and we will get you the answers as soon as possible.

Our entire Pack needs to check in together.  Plan to be at the aquarium at 6:45pm and check off your family on our roster when you arrive. This is so we can ensure that everyone has arrived before we start the check-in process for our group.
Please note that a light evening snack will be served but dinner will not be provided.   Since outside food is not allowed in the aquarium, your family is expected to have had dinner prior to entering the aquarium. Breakfast will be served at 7am.

Sleep Time:
Sleep areas will be accessible start 9:45pm. Lights start going out at 10:30pm and are all out by 11pm.  Final bedtime is midnight.

Please ensure that your scout is dressed in Class A uniform for the event. 

Sign up:
Deadline to sign up is Monday, Nov 19, 2018.
To sign up, fill up this google form: 2019 Monterey Bay Aquarium Sleepover Sign up
and make the payment through Paypal when prompted at the end of the form.