(2015-2016 Program Year)

Tiger Elective Adventure: Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries

1.     Learn a magic trick. Practice your magic trick so you can perform it in front of an audience.

2.     Create an invitation to a magic show.

3.     With your den or with your family, put on a magic show for an audience.

4.     Create a secret code.

5.     With the other Scouts in your den or with your family, crack a code that you did not create.

6.     Spell your name using sign language, and spell your name in Braille.

7.     With the help of your adult partner, conduct a science demonstration that shows how magic works.

8.     Share what you learned from your science demonstration.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Earning Your Stripes

1. Bring in and share with your den five items that are the color orange.
2. Demonstrate loyalty over the next week at school or in your community. Share at your next den meeting how you were loyal to others.
3. With your adult partner, decide on one new task you can do to help your family, and do it.
4. Talk with your den and adult partner about polite language. Learn how to shake hands properly and introduce yourself.
5. Play a game with your den. Then discuss how your den played politely.
6. With your adult partner and den, work on a service project for your pack’s meeting place or chartered organization.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Family Stories

1.     Discuss with your adult partner and/or family where your family originated. Discuss their history, traditions, and culture—your family heritage. Share a story or bring something to share with your den about yourself and your family.

2.     Make a family crest.

3.     Visit your public library to find out information about your heritage.

4.     Interview one of your grandparents or another family elder, and share with your den what you found.

5.     Make a family tree.

6.     Share with your den how you got your name or what your name means.

7.     Share with your den your favorite snack or dessert that reflects your cultural heritage.

8.     Learn where your family came from, and locate it on a map. Share this information with your den. With the help of your adult partner, locate and write to a pen pal from that location.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Floats and Boats

1.     Identify five different types of boats.

2.     Build a boat from recycled materials, and float it on the water.

3.     With your den, say the SCOUT water safety chant.

4.     Play the buddy game with your den.

5.     Show that you can put on and fasten a life jacket the correct way.

6.     Show how to safely help someone who needs assistance in the water, without having to enter the water yourself.

7.     Show how to enter the water safely, blow your breath out under the water, and do a prone glide.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Good Knights

1.     Do the following:

1.     With your den or adult partner, say the Scout Law. Explain to your den one

of the 12 points of the Law and why you think a knight would have the

same behavior.

2.     If you have not already done so, make a code of conduct with your den that

will describe how each person should act when you are all together. If your den has a code of conduct, discuss with your den the updates it might need. Vote on which actions should go in your den code of conduct.

2.     Create a den shield and a personal shield.

3.     Using recycled materials, design and build a small castle with your adult partner to display at the pack meeting.

4.     Think of one physical challenge that could be part of an obstacle course. Then help your den design a Tiger knight obstacle course. With your adult partner, participate in the course.

5.     Participate in a service project.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Rolling Tigers

1.     With your den or adult partner, discuss two different types of bicycles and their uses.

2.     With your den or adult partner, try on safety gear you should use while riding your bike. Show how to wear a bicycle helmet properly.

3.     With your den or adult partner, learn and demonstrate safety tips to follow when riding your bicycle.

4.     Learn and demonstrate proper hand signals.

5.     With your den or adult partner, do a safety check on your bicycle.

6.     With your den or family, go on a bicycle hike wearing your safety equipment. Follow the bicycling safety and traffic laws.

7.     Learn about a famous bicycle race or famous cyclist. Share what you learn with your den.

8.     Visit your local or state police department to learn about bicycle-riding laws.

9.     Identify two jobs that use bicycles.

Tiger Elective Adventures: Sky Is the Limit

1.     With your den or adult partner, go outside to observe the night sky. Talk about objects you see or might see.

2.     Look at a distant object through a telescope or binoculars. Show how to focus the device you chose.

3.     Observe in the sky or select from a book or chart two constellations that are easy to see in the night sky. With your adult partner, find out the names of the stars that make up the constellation and how the constellation got its name. Share what you found with your den.

4.     Create and name your own constellation. Share your constellation with your den.

5.     Create a homemade constellation.

6.     Find out about two different jobs related to astronomy. Share this information with your den.

7.     Find out about two astronauts who were Scouts when they were younger. Share what you

learned with your den.

8.     With your den or family, visit a planetarium, observatory, science museum, astronomy club, or college or high school astronomy teacher. Before you go, write down questions you might want to ask. Share what you learned.

Tiger Elective Adventures: Stories in Shapes

1.     Visit an art gallery or a museum, explore an art website, or visit your library. Do each of the following:

1.     Look at pictures of some abstract art with your den or family. Decide what you like about the art, and share your ideas with the other Tigers.

2.     Create an art piece.

2.     Do the following:

a. Draw or create an art piece using shapes. b. Use tangrams to create shapes.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Tiger-iffic!

Complete 1–3 and one from 4–6.
1. Play at least two different games by yourself; one may be a video game.
2. Play a board game or another inside game with one or more members of your den. 3. Play a problem-solving game with your den.
4. With your parent’s or guardian’s permission:

a. Play a video game with family members in a family tournament.
b. List at least three tips that would help someone who was learning how to play your favorite video game.
c. Play an appropriate video game with a friend for 30 minutes.

5. With other members of your den, invent a game, OR change the rules of a game you know, and play the game.

6. Play a team game with your den.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Tiger: Safe and Smart

1.     Do the following:
a. Memorize your address, and say it to your den leader or adult partner. b. Memorize an emergency contact’s phone number, and say it to your den leader or adult partner. c. Take the 911 safety quiz.

2.     Do the following:
a. Show you can “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”
b. Show you know how to safely roll someone else in a blanket to put out a fire.

3.     Make a fire escape map with your adult partner.

4.     Explain your fire escape map, and try a practice fire drill at home.

5.     Find the smoke detectors in your home. With the help of your adult partner, check the batteries.

6.     Visit an emergency responder station, or have an emergency responder visit you.

Tiger Elective Adventures: Tiger Tag

1. Choose one active game you like, and tell your den about it. 2. Do the following:

a. Play two relay games with your den and your adult partner.
b. Tell your adult partner or the other Tigers what you liked best about each game.
c. Have your den choose a relay game that everyone would like to play, and play it several times.
3. With your adult partner, select an active outside game that you could play with the members of your den. Talk about your game at the den meeting. With your den, decide on a game to play. 4. Play the game that your den has chosen. After the game, discuss with your den leader the  meaning of being a good sport.

Tiger Elective Adventures: Tiger Tales

1. Create a tall tale with your den.
2. Create your own tall tale. Share your tall tale with your den.
3. Read a tall tale with your adult partner.
4. Create a piece of art from a scene in the tall tale you have read, using your choice

of materials. Share it with your den.
5. Play a game from the past.
6. Sing two folk songs.
7. Visit a historical museum or landmark with your adult partner.

Tiger Elective Adventures: Tiger Theater

1.     With your den, discuss the following types of theater: puppet shows, reader’s theater, and pantomime.

2.     As a den, play a game of one-word charades with your adult partners.

3.     Make a puppet to show your den or display at a pack meeting.

4.     Perform a simple reader’s theater. Make a mask afterward to show what your character looks like.

5.     Watch a play or attend a story time at a library.





OLD The Tiger Electives

After completing the fifteen Achievements required for the Tiger Cub Rank Badge, the Tiger Cub can be awarded Yellow Tiger Track Beads which are attached to the Totem at the Pack Meetings. One bead is awarded for each group of TEN Electives the Tiger Cub completes. A boy can work on both Achievements and electives concurrently, but he can't receive Tiger Track beads until he has earned the Tiger Cub Badge.

Remember, there are NO performance requirements for a boy. Simply participating and doing one's best in an activity constitutes completion.

  1. Think of a time when your family celebrated something, and tell the den about it and how it made your feel.
  2. Make a decoration with your family or your den. Display it or give it to someone as a gift.
  3. With your family, play a card or board game, or put a jigsaw puzzle together.
  4. Make a frame for a family picture.
  5. Make a family mobile.
  6. Along with your adult partner, teach a song to your family or to your den and sing it together.
  7. Make a musical instrument and play it with others. The others can sing or have instruments of their own.
  8. Invite a religious leader from your place of worship to your home or to your den meeting.
  9. Help a new boy or girl get to know other people.
  10. Along with your adult partner, help an elderly or shut-in person with a chore.
  11. Help collect food, clothing or toys for needy families with your den or pack.
  12. Make at least two cards or decorations and take them to a hospital or long-term care facility.
  13. Using US pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, choose the correct coins to make the following amounts: 15 cents, 50 cents, 29 cents, 60 cents, 35 cents, 59 cents.
  14. Together with your adult partner, read a short story or a magazine article.
  15. Mix the primary colors to make orange, green and purple.
  16. With your den, show or tell about something you like to collect, OR tell your den about a favorite hobby or activity.
  17. Make a model.
  18. Sew a button onto fabric.
  19. Learn a magic trick and show it to your family or den.
  20. With your den, make up a PSA (Public Service Announcement) skit to tell people about Tiger Cubs.
  21. Make a puppet.
  22. With your family or with your den, have a picnic -- indoors or outdoors.
  23. Find out what kind of milk your family drinks and why.
  24. Help the adult who is preparing the family meal to set the table and clean up afterwards.
  25. Make a snack and share it with your family or den.
  26. With a toy phone, or a disconnected phone, practice making phone calls and answering the telephone.
  27. Talk to your adult partner about what to do if these things happened:
    • The adult who is caring for you becomes ill.
    • You are alone with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
  28. With your adult partner, check the batteries in the smoke detector in your home or another building.
  29. Talk with your adult partner about when you should use sunscreen. 
    • Find out whether you have any in your home and where it is kept. 
    • With your adult partner, look at a container of sunscreen and find out whether it still protects you when you are wet. 
    • Also find out how long you are protected before you have to put on more. 
    • Look for the expiration date and make sure the sunscreen is not too old.
  30. Plant a seed, pit, or greens from something you have eaten.
  31. Learn about an animal.
  32. Make a bird feeder and then hang it outdoors.
  33. With your den or family, play Cleanup Treasure Hunt.
  34. With your adult partner, think of a way to conserve water or electricity and do it for one week.
  35. Play a game outdoors with your family or den.
  36. With your family or your den, go see a play or musical performance in your community.
  37. Take a bike ride with your adult partner.
  38. Visit a bike repair shop.
  39. Visit the place where your adult partner or another adult works.
  40. Together with an adult partner, go swimming or take part in an activity on water.
  41. Visit a train station, bus station, airport or boat dock.
  42. Visit a zoo or aquarium.
  43. Visit a veterinarian or animal groomer.
  44. Visit a dairy, a milk-processing plant, or a cheese factory.
  45. Visit a bakery.
  46. Visit a dentist or dental hygienist.
  47. Learn about what you can recycle in your community and how you can recycle at home. 
    • Learn about things that need to be recycled in special ways, such as paint and batteries.
  48. Take a ride on public transportation, such as a bus or train.
  49. Visit a government office such as the mayor's office, the state capitol building, or a courthouse.
  50. Visit a bank.


Be sure to sign off on each elective in the handbook and report it to your Den Leader at least one week before the Pack Meetings.  It is up to you and your Den Leader to ensure the scout gets the proper recognition at the Pack Meetings.