The primary purpose of the Spring Branch Librarian Professional Growth (LPG) and Appraisal is to enhance student learning through professional growth and accountability.  Results of the appraisal shall be used for professional staff development and as one component of contract renewal consideration. 

The librarian professional growth system is designed to: 
  • Provide all librarians with an understanding of the process
  • Ensure student learning and to recognize students as the primary focus
  • Promote campus improvement, reading, and multiple literacy skills
  • Structure a cooperative, ongoing process between the librarian and supervisor to achieve mutual goals
  • Model Spring Branch ISD Core Values in daily activities
  • Promote ongoing professional growth and development, leadership, collaboration, and self-reflection

American Association of School Libraries 2014 infographic School Librarians Transform Learning. AASL permission granted to repost infographic. Created for the digital supplement magazine School Libraries Transform Learning, this infographic includes statistics and quotes on school librarians' impact on digital literacy, student learning, and leadership within the school. http://www.ala.

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