Welcome to the Spring Forest Middle School (SFMS) source for learning about the idea of "Flipping the Classroom," which has been given much exposure in the news in the last year, yet it is a methodology that has been around for some time. Some of the reports on "Flipping" has garnered the instructional practice some positive fans and some not-so-positive fans. This site was created to provide several perspectives on the practice to help you better understand what it is and what it is not. Please pick the way you would like to learn the material by choosing the media you like best. Do view at least one of the resources presented and be prepared to share your understanding with others at our upcoming Family Technology Evening hosted at the Technology Center on Memorial Drive. Members of the faculty will be there to talk about what "Flipping the Instruction" may look and feel like at SFMS. Bring your insights and understanding.

A Video Representation

  • This video demonstrates how instruction can look different from the instruction parents received when they were young.
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the traditional method of lecture?
  • Based on the video, how would you describe "Flipping Instruction" to another person?