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Woodview Elementary

 Name  Content  Link to Blog  Completed

Rob Allen  3rd Grade  http://mrallens3rdgradeblog.blogspot.com/   Yes
Juan Ariza 3rd Grade  http://arizajf.blogspot.com/ Yes
Frank Aviles  SPED  http://avilesf.blogspot.com/    Yes
Amy Beck 1st Grade http://amybeck11.blogspot.com/ Yes
Natalie Boatwright Speech path.   
Marie Borsos LifeSkills  http://borsosm.blogspot.com/ Yes
Angele Bressler  2nd Grade  http://bresslea.blogspot.com/   Yes
Blaire Crowl  Kindergarten  http://crowla.blogspot.com/  Yes
Tammy Davila  4th Grade http://davilat77.blogspot.com/     Yes
Ivonne Davis Intervention Specialist http://rgedavisi.blogspot.com/ complete 
Liberty Demesa  1st Grade  http://demesa12.blogspot.com/  Yes
Diemar Diaz 2nd Grade  http://diazdiemar.blogspot.com/    Yes
Dan Edmunds  SPED  http://edmundsd.blogspot.com/    Yes
Chad Evetts Health Fitness www.evettshealth.blogspot.com  Yes
Elier Fernandez  5th gradehttp://fernandezea.blogspot.com/  2
Consuela Flores          Diagnostician http://11tools-flores.blogspot.com/ 
Kathy FrithArthttp://frithk.blogspot.com/   Yes
Allie Gorder 2nd grade http://www.buteacher.blogspot.com   Yes
Jan Halfin  Counselor  http://halfinj.blogspot.com/    Yes
Erin Hiner 1st Grade  http://hinere.blogspot.com/    Yes
Sheila Hernandez  Pre-K  http://hernan2s.blogspot.com/  Yes
Tara Jones  SPED  http://jones4t.blogspot.com/    Yes
Ivy Linsley  2nd Grade  http://kandelsfan.blogspot.com/    Yes
Veronica Lopez  Kiindergarten  http://lopez3v.blogspot.com/Yes
Walberto Martinez  4th Grade  http://martinezwa.blogspot.com/   Yes
Mariela Montoya  Kindergarten  http://montoy2msbisd.blogspot.com/  Yes
Andrea Ortega  3rd Grade  http://ortega2a.blogspot.com/    Yes
Claudia Pantin  1st Grade  http://pantinc.blogspot.com/    Yes
Susan Parker 3rd Grade parker3s.blogspot.com  Yes 
Maryori Pedone  Kindergarten  http://pedonem.blogspot.com/ Yes
Tabitha Pena  4th Grade   http://penat3.blogspot.com/
Lourdes Perales  Intervention Specialist  http://peralesl.blogspot.com/    Yes
Maria Perez-Gonzalez 1st Grade http://perez22m.blogspot.com/    Yes
Kathy Raines Music http://raineskj.blogspot.com/   Yes
Michele Rennick 5th grade http://rennickm.blogspot.com/ Yes
Cathy Roth     I coach  completed with previous campus
Stacy Salvato     Pre-K http://salvatos.blogspot.com/   Yes
Carlos Sanchez 2nd grade http://csanchezm.blogspot.com/    Yes
Neda Scanlan Principal http://scanlann.blogspot.com/   Yes
Pamela ThompsonHealth Fitness  http://thomps3p.blogspot.com/   Yes
Kristie Thorn 4th grade http://thornk.blogspot.com/  Yes
Geneva Winfield     5th grade http://winfieldg.blogspot.com/   Yes
Lydia Yinat 1st grade http://yinatl.blogspot.com/  3
Jessica Zelaya 5th grade     http://zelayajessica.blogspot.com/ Yes