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Northbrook High School

 Name  Content  Link to Blog  Completed
 Abshire, Kristina  ELA  Kristina's 11 tools Yes
 Acevedo, Shelby      Soc Studies A Techsas Educator  Yes
 Adams, Craig  CATE  Blog Number One 4
 Almanza, Leticia  Lang. Arts  Ms. Almanza's Blog  Yes
 Archie, Jerimie  LifeSkills  Coach Archie 11 Tools  Yes
 Armant, Jacques  Co-Teach  Coach Armant's Blog  Yes
 Avila, Nancy  Lang. Arts  blogging about blogging  Yes
 Baker, Adrian  Soc Studies  baker's 11  Yes
 Barnes, Ray Morris  Principal    
 Barrus, Bob   LifeSkills  Barrus 11 Tools Yes
 Basaldua, Geraldo  Science  JBasaldua Yes
 Basquine, Sharlondrea  Counselor  Pink is it Yes
 Bertram, Erik      Math  Math Raider Yes
 Besecker, Megan  Science  Northbrook High School Physics  6
 Blankenship, Alicia  SPED-ELA  SaywhatNHS
 Braly, Thomas  Science  Braly's Blog  Yes
 Breland, Amanda Lang. Arts   11 Tech Savvy Tools for 2012  Yes
 Brow, Jan Marie  Library  Suivez Votre Bonheur!  Yes
 Brown, Chris  LifeSkills  Brown 11 Tools  Yes
 Cahill, Bobbie  Co-Teach  bobbie buckeye Yes
 Calaway, Marita  ESL  MCalaway's 11 Tools  Yes
 Caronna, Diana  Soc Studies  Caronna's 11 Tools  6
 Castillo, Claudia  Social Studies  Claudia's Blog  Yes
 Ceniceros, Elizabeth  Fine Arts  Spring Branch Northbrook HS Art  Yes
 Choate, Paul  Fine Arts  ArtyChoate Yes
 Claydon, Jonathan  Math  Infinite Sums  Yes
 Collins, Jessica  Health  My School Blog  Yes
 Cooper, Amanda  Math  Ms. Cooper's Math Class  Yes
 Cuevas, Molly  Counselor  Raider Blog  1
 Culp, Kathanna  Soc Studies  Kathanna Culp 11 Steps  Yes
 Davis, Nicole  Co-Teach  Algebra/Track/XC Info Yes
 Davis, Ray  Co-Teach  Ray's 11 Tools  Yes
 Davis, Tracie  Fine Arts  Northbrook Choir Blog  Yes
 Day, Connie  CATE  11 Tools Yes
 De Almeida, Wayne  Math    
 De Los Reyes, Marie  Math  Yes
 Dempsey, Diane  Lang. Arts  Blog  Yes
 Deutsch, Chelsea  Soc Studies  11 Tools Yes
 Drahushak, Andrew  Spec Ed  AJ Drahuschak 11 Tools  1
 Driscoll, Christina  ESL  Christina Driscoll  Yes
 Duncan, Daryl  ISS  Daryl Duncan 11 Tools  Yes
 Durham, Holly      iCoach  11 Tools Test Drive Yes
 Eckstein, Kirk  Soc Studies  Eckstein Geography Blog  Yes
 Entrekin, Linda   Math  Entrekin  Yes
 Fiedler, Kevin  Reading / Co-Teach  Mr. Fiedler's Blog Yes
 Fitch, Katie  Science  Thoughts from A303...  Yes
 Freeman, Quinton
 iCoach  Finding the Essential Tension Yes
 Garcia, Jose  Counselor  Eleven Tools
 Garcia-Wheeler Vanessa  Lang. Arts  VGW 11 Tools  Yes
 Gomez, Johnny  Trainer  Trainer Johnny's 11 Tools  Yes
 Gonzales, Emilio  Counselor  As required by  1
 Gonzalez, Bobby  Fine Arts  The Pursuit of Excellence Yes
 Goodwin, Mallory  ESL
 Gordon, John  Soc  Studies  Gordon's Blog  Yes
 Green, Pilar  Co-Teach  Pilar's Blog  Yes
 Hance, Don  Soc  Studies  Don's 11 Tools  Yes
 Hansen, John  CATE  John W. Hansen  
 Harvey, Penny  For. Lang.  11 Tools Blog  Yes
 Haskett, Bryce  Science  Haskett's Biology Blog  Yes
 Haugneland, Connie  Math  Ms. Haugneland's 11 Tools  Yes
 Hesse, Brandon  Lang. Arts  Hesse's Eleven Tools  Yes
 Hill, Jan  Lang. Arts Hill's Blog  Yes
 Howard, Susan  Soc Studies  skhh's blog  Yes
 Hulshizer, Amy  Lang. Arts  Amy's Annals  Yes
 Hunt, Emily  Lang. Arts  Tech the Plunge  Yes
 Hutchison, Claire  Math  CEHutch  Yes
 Ikhimokpa, Syreeta  Soc Studies  S. Ikhimokpa 11 tools  Yes
 Ivaska, Ritone  Fine Arts  Orchestra 6
 Jackson, Nancy  Soc Studies  Jackson's Junk 'n Jazz  Yes
 Jasso, Carlos  For. Lang.  rcj11tools  Yes
 Johnson, Carolyn  Spec. Ed.  Carolyn  1
 Johnston, Erin  For. Lang  11 Tools -- Erin Johnston  Yes
 Jones, Vonnie  Science  Smoke  Yes
 Keairnes, Scott  Fine Arts  BrookArt  Yes
 Kelley, Lisa  Spec. Ed.  Lisa's Blog  Yes
 Lahue, Matthew  Soc. Studies    
 Lambley, Tyler      Lang. Arts   Transplant from the Cornhusker State  Yes
 Lawrence, Daniel  Science  Lawrence Physics Blog  Yes
 Le, Pierceson  Math  Pierceson Le  Yes
 Malone, Buster  Co-Teach  Buster Malone 11 Tools  Yes
 Martin, Suzon  SPED-Math  Softball Blog  Yes
 Martinez, Javier  Lang. Arts  Never Neutral  Yes
 Mazarakis, Andrew  Math  Limits at Infinity  Yes 
 McCracken, John  Soc Studies  Mr. McCracken's Blog Yes
 McEwen, Jack  Fine Arts  Raider Theatre  Yes
 Mehta, Mike  Science  Mahendra Mehta  Yes
 Mettlach, Melissa  Math  Mmmettie Yes
 Morgensen, Jo  Science  Mrs. Morgensen's Biology Class  Yes
 Morris, Lupe  For. Lang.  The Aztec Connection Yes
 Myint, Dawlele  Science  Myint 11 Tools  Yes
 Nguyen, Michelle  Math  Ms. Nguyen's Blog  Yes
 Nino, Teresita  Health  Let's be technology fit!  Yes
 Nguyen, Amy  Science  Ms. Nguyen's Biology Class  Yes
 Okoro, Ignatuis  LifeSkills  Okoro & CHICHI  1
 Onwuchekwa, Gloria  CATE  Chekwablog  Yes
 Ortega, Gus  Fine Arts  Woodwind Technique  Yes
 Papasideris, John  Coach  Coach Papasideris Blog  Yes
 Pastrana, Carmello  Health  Coach Pastrana  Yes
 Pence, Brian  Soc Studies Coach Pence-11 Tools Blog  Yes
 Peterson, Crystal  Math  Crystal Peterson Blog  Yes
 Petrou, Teddy  Math  Solutions through Serendipity   Yes
 Putnum, Vicky  CATE  Tool #1  Yes
 Ramirez, Ed  Soc Studies  Coach Ramirez's Blog  Yes
 Randall, Amanda  Lang. Arts    
 Ried, Katie  Soc Studies  Reid's Blog  Yes
 Reyes, Kristen  Math  Kirsten Reyes Blog  Yes
 Rhodes, Ronda  ESL Ronda's Rendezvous with 11Tools  Yes
 Robinson, Cindy  Lang. Arts  Robinson's Rockin' Raiderblog  Yes
 Rossi, Connie  Soc. Studies    
 Rumsey, David  Spec. Ed  Dave's Stuff  Yes
 Russo, Sara  Soc Studies Sara Russo's 11 Tools  Yes
 Sanchez, Stacy  Principal  NHS Love & Logic  
 Santiago, Hector  Math  H. Santiago's Blog  Yes
 Santos, Audrey A  Co-Teach  AudreyAnn Santos  Yes
 Schlicher, John  Health  Coach Schlicher's PE Class Yes
 Shannon, Twyla  Science  Twyla Shannon Yes
 Sharp, Angela  Fine Arts  Angela Sharp 11 Tools  1
 Slinkard, Lisa  Principal  Newbie  1
 Smith, Cecilia  Comm. Arts  ccsmith  Yes
 Smith, Karis  Science  Karis Smith's 11 Tools Yes
 Snedden, Ted   Science  SneddenSciGuy  Yes
 Styler, Anne  Counselor  AStyler  1 
 Suchoff, Lilian
 Co-Teach  11 Tools suchofflili Yes
 Tate, Alesha  CATE  Tate's Blog  Yes
 Thorpe, Alison  Math  Miss Thorpe's 11 Tools Yes
 Thorpe, Jennifer  Comm. Arts  Thorpe's Corner  Yes
 Trower, James  CATE  Mr. Trower's I Am Blog  Yes
 Turner, Russell
 Spec, Ed.
 LS C219  Yes
 Tusa, Linda  CATE  HST@NHS  Yes
 Twidell, Tamara  Comm. Arts  Twidell's 11 Tools Yes
 Varela, Patricia  Lang. Arts Varela's Blog  Yes
 Wawe, Shadia  For. Lang.  waweblog  Yes
 Webb, Kelly  Lang. Arts  Kelly Webb's Blog Yes
 Webb, Tyita  Registrar Webb's Webb
 Webber, Sarah  Lang. Arts  Webber's Tabula Rasa  Yes
 Wheeler, Justin  Science  NHS Wheeler Yes
 Wieding, Scott      For. Lang      I  Came, I  Saw, I  Blogged  Yes
 Yazdani, Nahal  Math  Nahal Yazdani's blogs  Yes
 Youberg, Kristin  Science      Ms. Youberg's Blog   Yes

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