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Landrum Middle School

 Name      Content  Link to Blog  Completed
Aguilar, Robert  HF  Coach Aguilar
Bautista, Andres  Art    
Benavidez, Manuel  Science   Mr. B's big head Yes
Boukhlif, Rebecca  SS 11 Tools RB
Brinkley, Darren  Math  Darren's Story  Yes
Brooks, Andre  Science   11 Tools  Yes
Bryan, Dianna  Science   Mrs. Bryan's Blog Yes
Bryant, Kristen Math   Ms Bryant's Math Playground  Yes
Bullock, Tamesha  SPED  Lady T's Time  Yes
Cain, Sandra SPED  Candy Cain Yes
Calloway, Lori  Math  Calloway's 11 Tools Yes
Caruthers, Cheryl  Math   Cladybug  Yes
Castillo, Jazmin  KIPP - Reading   Mrs Castillo's 5th grade ELA  2
Chio, Astrid  LA  Ms. Chio's Blog  Yes
 Cook, Meredith     Math      Meredith's Experience with 11 Tools Yes
Cureton, Shikonya  SPED  Shikonya’s Stories Yes
Dantzler, Robert  LA   Mr D’s know how lane  Yes
Duerr, Marnie HF   This Blog?? Yes
Farnell, Jessica  Librarian   Landrum Library Blog  Yes
 Flores, Abigayl        Spanish  Flores Classroom Yes
Flores, Michele  Counselor   Ms. Flores's Toolbox Yes
Gardner, Cindy  AP   Gardner Blog Yes
Gonzalez, Milton ISS    
Hambley, Ryan KIPP - Math Mr. Hambley's Mathletes Yes
Harris, Claudia LA   Claudia’s Connections Yes
Helm, Anna  Science  Helm's Habitat
Jones, Shari  iCoach  Uandicoaching  2
Lee, Robert  Math   Lee's Blog Yes
Livingston, Janie     Computers  Business Corner Yes
Lockard, Roy Metals   Lockard's blog Yes 
Lyons, Diana  LA  11 Tools Summer 2012  Yes
Maxwell, Mitch Math   Teaching in SBISD  Yes
Mercado, Miguel SS  Mercado's 11 Tools Blog  Yes
 Musgrave, Brittany  SS/Math  Ms. Musgrave's Food for Thought Yes
Nickel, Karen Science  Nickel’s News Yes
Peters, Jillian   KIPP - Dean of Students    
Pratts, Luis  Principal     
Ratnala, Deana  LA   11 Tools DR  Yes
Robinson, Courtney  KIPP - Science    
Ross, Bryan LA/SS Inclusion   CoachRossSchool  Yes
Roth, Jennifer  Math  Jenn Roth’s 11 tools blog  Yes
Santana, Lenin  LA   Summer 2012  Yes
Swanson, Hannah  KIPP teacher  Where in the World  11 - KIPP
Scharer, Jackie  LA/SS   Confused in Suburbia  Yes
Schmidt, Eric KIPP - School Leader    
Seely, Julie     SPED  julie’s jingles  Yes
Soto, Elisa Counselor  counseling.tips  Yes
Steckler, Anna Band  Redheaded Stepchild  Yes
Steurhan, Kourtney SS  Sturhan's Stars  Yes
Stone, Richard Science   Rolling Stone's PLace  Yes
Torres, Maggie SS   Full of Culture  Yes
Trejo, Martha  Computers  Teacher  Yes
Trigo, Jaime  Choir   Landrum Middle School Choir  Yes
 Vandruff,  Jessica  Orchestra  Learning to increase technology in teaching music  1
 Wilburn, Haley      Theater  FIrst Blog  1
William, Amarilys Science  Mrs. William Science
Wittman, Sherry LA   It was not the old man that vexed me - but his Evil Eye... Yes
Zadhouri, Margaret  LA  Hungry Lions  Yes
Zapon, Melina  Math  Mrs. Zapon's Classes Adventuring in Learning  Yes
Zarea, Sandra     ESOL   Mrs. Zarea's Blog Yes

Zarea, Kamran  Career Portals  KamZar Blog
 Ramos, Rogelio      Math      Getting Creative Yes
 Olivares, Mari        LA/SS  Life Through My Eyes  Yes
 McQuirns, Evan      Math  Mr. McQ's Math Workshop: 11 Tools
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