The Village Botanica, Inc.

Waller County, Tx
Phone | 979 921-0000

Georgia & Rick Bost's Village Botanica bring to market fresh eggs, produce, vinegars, hibiscus tea as well as local honey.

Georgia Bost is one very curious woman. Her curiosity has lead her to development a whole new selection of North American hybrid hibiscus, and the creation of the Village Botanica, a business promoting and harvesting health and wellness sustainably.

She and her husband have developed several lines of business, including a horticultural nursery, demonstration ranch and organic farm. The latter has entailed the purchase and transformation of a run down ranch in 1999 into a natural, sustainable operation selling grass-fed beef, natural pork, true free-range eggs, chicken and turkeys as well as USDA certified organic produce.

On some 272 acres in the middle of Waller County, they created a unique agricultural research and working ranch and farm, known as Hibiscus Hill Plantation. With the help of two families who also live and work with them, they continue to develop groundbreaking research into how to operate a farm and ranch in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Their latest endeavor, Georgia's Farm to Market, boasts a retail store and restaurant serving the highest quality foods with superior health benefits. Their mission is to educate friends, neighbors and the community on organic, sustainable practices and provide a source for healthy eating.