Latin Honor Society

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  • Membership by invitation is open to active Latin students who have taken at least one year of Latin at Riverbend High School.
  • The requirements of membership include:
    • 1) being currently enrolled in a Latin class at RHS
    • 2) having earned an "A" average in the previous year's study of Latin
    • 3) being a current member of the Riverbend High School Latin Club, and hence, the National Junior Classical League
    • 4) being of good moral character
  • In order to remain in good standing, a member must maintain an "A" average in Latin class. 
  • The Riverbend Chapter of the National Latin Honor Society functions under a charter written and approved by its members.
  • Read about the original National Latin Honor Society sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of the Study of Latin.
2018-2019 OFFICERS
  • President: Madison Smith '19
  • Vice President: Alexa Norbeck '20
  • Secretary: Madison Davis '20


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