Invitation to 2019 VJCL Convention (from the Virginia Junior Classical League)

N.B. Online registration closes on Friday, October 11 at 11:59 PM

2019 Convention Invitation.pdf

Amy addresses the VJCL Fall 2018 Council Meeting

General Information

  • Take a look at the VJCL website.
  • The VJCL has a page on Facebook.
  • VJCL Newsletter: The Forum Spring 2016 (including an interview with our very own Alyssa Funai)
  • The Virginia Senior Classical League (VSCL) is a collection of former VJCLers who help out at state and national conventions and certamina. After you graduate from RHS, you should consider joining!

VJCL President Alyssa Funai (2016-2017) addresses the general assembly. Alyssa graduated from RHS in 2018.