A3 & B5 - Room 222

Latin III picks up grammatically and syntactically from where your Latin II class left off. We will review and build upon the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary covered in Latin I and II as more complex aspects of the Latin language are introduced and applied.

Remember that the purpose of learning Latin is to gain the ability to read and understand the language and literature left to us in the modern world by the ancient Romans. Since it is always important to learn a language in the context of the civilization it is used, study will also be made of Roman culture, ancient history and geography, and Greek and Roman mythology and their contribution to our own culture.


  • In order to be easy and equitable for everyone, if you are in need of paper copies of work and activities that have been suggested, please let me know. These pages can be sent to school and copies will be available from Mrs. Bickerstaff. Please contact her first to be sure that she is there and that the copies are available. Please let me know what you need. (3/31/20)
  • Students do not need to buy a Latin dictionary for this class. (8/15/19)
  • The vocabulary lists for all stages in Unit 3 is now available on Quizlet! Go to and search under "MagisterKeith".

Students who need to make up missing work, or need to practice or review material, can sign up for Bear Block on the sheet near the pencil sharpener.

Message from Magister Keith (March 11, 2020):

Salvete, omnes!

First and foremost, enjoy your spring break! Without snow days, it has certainly been a long haul since winter break. You have earned this vacation!

In the event that we have an extended spring break, i.e., we do not return to school for the week of March 23-27, teachers have been instructed to provide assignments and work for students. My assignments do not require a computer or the internet to complete, just the textbook, paper, and some pencils or pens. Again, this is work for March 23-27 and only if we do not have school. This is not busy work -- this is work we will complete in class and for homework anyway. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS WORK OVER SPRING BREAK! As a rule, I do not give assignments over breaks.

For Latin III: Complete all the readings and exercises in Stage 26 of your textbook Cambridge Latin Course, Unit III. Translate the stories into English. Review and practice the vocabulary. Read the cultural and historical information at the end of the stage.

Remember to take all your books and materials home with you over spring break. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other! Again, enjoy your break!

Curate ut valeatis!

Magister Keith