Latin III picks up grammatically and syntactically from where your Latin II class left off. We will review and build upon the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary covered in Latin I and II as more complex aspects of the Latin language are introduced and applied. This intermediate course will introduce the student to a survey of authentic Latin literature in both prose and poetry from a variety of authors. Attention will also be given to the use of Latin vocabulary, phrases, and mottoes commonly used in English today as well as to English words derived from Latin, thus greatly increasing the understanding and use of English vocabulary.

Remember that the purpose of learning Latin is to gain the ability to read and understand the language and literature left to us in the modern world by the ancient Romans. Since it is always important to learn a language in the context of the civilization it is used, study will also be made of Roman culture, ancient history and geography, and Greek and Roman mythology and their contribution to our own culture.


  • The National Latin Exam (NLE) will be given to all Latin III students on Wednesday, February 27 during Bear Block. A location will be announced at a later date.
  • Most of the vocabulary lists for the remainder of the Ecce Romani II textbook (Chapters 42-54) are available for study and practice on Quizlet. Go to, search under "magisterkeith", look for Folders, and then open the folder titled "Latin III Vocabulary".

Try out the Practice App for the National Latin Exam