Looking for information on the Ursus Summer Latin Program? Click here.

  • The Latin Club is SELLING FLOWER BULBS now through Wednesday, March 1. Earn prizes, make money for our organization, something about a moustache...
  • CHANGE! The LATIN HONOR SOCIETY DINNER will take place TODAY at Primavera's Pizzeria and Grill (downtown on William Street) at 5:30. Good food! Great company!
  • The annual UMW CERTAMEN will be held on Saturday, February 25. Click here for information and permission slip.
  • All Latin students will be taking the NATIONAL LATIN EXAM on Monday, March 6 during the end of A-2 and Bear Block.
  • Let's take a look at some RENAISSANCE ART on Saturday, March 25!

Fortuna fortibus favetFortune favors the brave
The Latin motto of the Riverbend HS Latin Club

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