Culture a la Carte 2019 Poster.pdf

Culture a la Carte

A day of food, fun, and culture!

RHS Latin will need to have a craft table and an audience-participation, mythological skit from the stage.

Stay tuned for more information and for requests for volunteers!

> Try out the Practice App for the National Latin Exam

> Mementote: Essay contests are available for extra credit! Deadlines are quickly approaching! Two new contests just added!

RHS Celebrates Languages and Cultures

Celebrated March 18-22 at RHS!

A whole week to celebrate world languages and cultures; lots of activities during Bear Block and after school!

More information forthcoming...

Pompeii is coming to you!

An exciting exhibit hosted by the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, June 8-September 3.

Check out the website for this exhibition.

National Latin Exam Scheduled for All Latin Bears

All RHS Latin students will be taking the 2019 National Latin Exam in class or during an extended Bear Block on Wednesday, February 27 or Thursday, February 28.

Awards, recognition, extra credit, and exam exemption (for AP seniors only) are available!

Ursus Latin Program

A Latin camp for elementary school students, June 3-6 held here at RHS. Counselors and volunteers are needed!

Information, registrations, and applications available soon!

Classical Literacy Exam

Given in late March. Announcementwill be made once a location has been secured.


Jedi master filling in (literally) as a space holder on our web page!

Greek Agora

Greek food and pastries on Saturday, March 2, 10:00-3:00, at the Nativity of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church (across from RHS)

2019 NJCL Convention

Registration available on Mar. 1 for week-long events, July 26-31, at North Dakota State University in Fargo

VJCL Spring Board and Council Meeting

Saturday, March 16 at the University of Richmond. RHS needs to have at least two delegates attend.

Thomas Jefferson Certamen

Saturday, March 2 in Alexandria

Certamen Practice

Every Friday, 2:30-4:00.

Fortuna fortibus favet ~ "Fortune favors the brave"

The Latin motto of the Riverbend HS Latin Club