The amended and revised constitution of the Riverbend Latin Club and Junior Classical League.

RHS Latin Club Constitution Revised 28 March 2021.pdf

Sibi quisque ruri metit.

"Each one reaps on their own farm."

~Plautus, Mostellaria, Act. III, Scene 2, line 799

This is the motto for the National Junior Classical League for 2020-2021.

Your Latin Club Officers

Congratulations to our officers for the 2020-2021 school year:

President - Natalie Cuba

First Vice President - Faith McCrossin

Second Vice President - Josie Van Rooy

Secretary/Treasurer - Autumn Crawford

Parliamentarian - Amber Crawford

Historian - Megan Kreck

Fortuna fortibus favet ~ "Fortune favors the brave"

The Latin motto of the Riverbend HS Latin Club

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