Chancellor High School - Student Enrichment / Gifted & Talented Opportunities

Gifted & Talented Coordinator: Ronda Dockery

Phone Number - 786 -2606 Ext. 2119

Gifted & Talented Coordinator: Each high school has a designated G&T Coordinator who devotes one block per day to gifted services. Ronda Dockery serves as the G&T Coordinator at Chancellor High. She may be reached at 540-786-2606 or through the Spotsylvania County Schools’ Gmail, rdockery@spotsylvania.k12.va.us. It is critical that all students pay close attention to both the daily announcements and Chancellor High School website which give important information concerning gifted programs, scholarship opportunities, enrichment activities, deadlines, criteria, etc. These announcements are broadcast over the P.A. system and are posted on the school’s web page.