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                                CODING FOR PIZZA
Earn a pizza party for your class and Chromebooks for your school 

Splendora ISD is excited to participate in the annual Hour of Code.  The Hour of Code is a non-profit endeavor committed to increasing students access to computer science.  The code to join the Instructional Technology Classroom is og59ya.  Their vision is that every school should provide students the chance to learn computer science.  We at Splendora ISD believe that participating in the Hour of Code will teach our students important skills that positively impact their future. 

The Coding Games Link has coding activities from pre-reading students all the way up high school.  Activities include programing in Scratch, Python, Java-Script and programming apps.  You can document your participation in the Hour of Code and compete for Chromebooks by clicking on the Hour of Code Tracking Form   

How to Win 

To win the PIZZA PARTY encourage your students to post HERE in the Instructional Technology Classroom and share how they participated in the hour of code.  Again, the code to join the Instructional Technology Classroom is og59ya.  Each post should answer what game/activity they played, one thing they learned, and one thing they would like to know more about.  Please make sure that each student includes their name, your name, and if your campus or class is departmentalized, a period or section number to help us award credit for their post.  Student's may only post ONCE but are encouraged to comment on other student's post as often as they like as long as their comments are True, Helpful, Interesting, Necessary, and Kind and follow the Distict's Responsible Use Guidelines.  All comments and posts will be printed and put into a drawing for a class pizza party on Friday.  The more you answer each other's questions and support one another, the better your chances of winning!

To win the CHROMEBOOKS for your school keep track of your time spent coding by using the link Hour of Code Tracking Form.  The campus with the most amount of time spent on coding will win 5 Chromebooks!  

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Coding Games One link to get your kids coding faster no matter their grade level or previous experience.  

Teacher Resources for Coding Games A How To Guide for teachers.

Hour of Code Tracking Form Use this all week to keep track of your schools total minutes of code.


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