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July 2014

Dear Reader,

It is that time of the year when we welcome new members to the SPJIMR family. Our new students were welcomed warmly into the institute. Continuing with tradition, our newest members have celebrated Hastantaran, the handover ceremony of the Abhyudhaya Sitaras with great gusto. As always we strive to keep you connected to SPJIMR and bring you the July Edition of E-connect.

Hope you have a great time reading! Happy Reading !

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                                                                      SPJIMR PGP-1 students win Phillips Campus Journos contest


Hastantaran 2014

SPJIMR’s Abhyudaya celebrated its 6th annual Mentor-Mentee event “Hastantaran” (meaning hand-over) wherein the outgoing mentors entrusted the responsibility of their mentees to the incoming mentors, on 29th June 2014. Read more.  

FIFA World Cup Final Screening in Audi

The Sports Committee conducted their first Meet and Greet event, the screening of the FIFA World Cup Final on the 13th of July, 2014 at the SPJIMR Auditorium, and the event turned out to be a great success. Read more.  

Inauguration of PGCIM 2014-15 (Batch V)

As the city of Mumbai welcomed long overdue monsoon, SPJIMR welcomed its new batch for the Post Graduate Certificate in International Management (PGCIM) Programme 2014-2015. Read more.  

Personal Growth Lab

The term ‘OB’ immediately conjures images of humdrum classrooms, presentations and mundane lectures. Imagine learning about people in the lap of nature, surrounded by your friends through adventure activities. Read more.  

Keep calm and Tug on

On a hot and humid day of 26th July 2014, a tug of war, “Keep calm and Tug on” was organised on high public demand. Amidst the pressure of quizzes, submissions and other group work, the event came as much needed break and stress reliever. Read more.  

Inside Job Screening by Eco Forum Committee

Saturday, 26th July, 2014, witnessed the first event by Eco Forum which was a movie screening. The movie that we screened in Dome 1 and Dome 3 was “Inside Job”. Read more.  

Vartalaap Session on “2008 Crisis and Risk Management” by Mr. Arya Shekhar

The very first Vartalaap session started with a bang on a drizzling Sunday morning on July 13, 2014. The very first event of any committee on the campus generated huge enthusiasm amongst the students and saw participation in large numbers. Read more.  


Personal Growth Lab in SPJIMR goes International

Dr. Lata Dhir recently conducted this program for the students of Advanced Organizational Behaviour course at Reutlingen University and as a seminar for other students in the University. Read more.  
Sensitive Segment: How Sensodyne checked Colgate from capturing market - By Dr. Ashita A. Sharma Blowing in the wind - By Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar
Going bananas over onions and potatoes - By Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Managing projects through improved planning and controlling - By Prof. Vanita Bhoola & Prof P. Prabhakaran

SPJIMR PGP-1 students win Phillips Campus Journos contest

SPJIMR Batch of 2016 opens its account with B-school competitions. The team of Akshay Deshmukh, Pratik Sawant & Udit Dhiman win the Philips Campus Journos 2014. Read more.  

SPJIMR students win "Power of Shunya – Challenge for Zero – Season 2"

Students Ashutosh Tiwari and Rohan Paul won the first episode of "Power of Shunya – Challenge for ZERO' – Season 2". Read more.  

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