"All Students Will Learn and Become Responsible Citizens"

Spirit Lake High School Graduation Requirements

8 credits in Language Arts
        2 credits required in Level 1 English 
        2 credits required in Level 2 English 
        2 credits required in Level 3 English 
6 credits in Social Studies
        2 credits required in American History
        2 credits required in American Government
        1 credit required in World History
6 credits in Science
        2 credits required in Biology
        2 credits required in an earth science course
        * Students who choose to take Chemistry or Physics to fulfill their 6 credits, must take BOTH courses to meet state requirements
6 credits in Math
2 credits in Physical Education
1 credit in Health
1 credit in Fine Arts
1 credit in Personal Finance Skills
2 credits in Vocational (Business, Family/Consumer Science, Industrial Technology, Agriculture, Health Academy)
Plus additional elective to total 48 credits

Typical Grade Level Schedule

The course sequence below depicts a typical course layout per grade level. Note that this layout does not specifically account for all SLHS graduation requirements. Many students elect to take additional/different courses depending on career/college aspirations.

Freshmen                                                     Sophomores                                             Juniors                                                   Seniors 
English Level I                                                  English Level II                                                         English Level III                                                  English credits 
Geography                                                        American History                                                      World History/Personal Finance                         American Government
Earth Science                                                   Science (Biology/Physical Science)                         Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)               Electives
PE 9/Health                                                      Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)                    Math (Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trig)
Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry)        Electives                                                                   Electives