16-17 District Goal Results

Building Level

Summary of High School Goals 2016-2017

Academic Achievement Goal:  

Specific: Gr 11 - Reading, Math - Iowa Assessments

Measurable: Increase

Attainable: Yes - Data shows upward trend in scores over time.

Realistic:  Yes - Data shows upward trend in scores over time.

Timely:  2017 Iowa Assessments

SHS Students in Grade 11 will increase proficiency in reading and math on the 2017 Iowa Assessments.

Conclusion on June 30, 2017:  SHS met this goal with 11th grade (Reading @ 293.4, Math @ 299.5) but did not meet the goal with 10th grade (Reading @ 293.5, Math @ 294.7).


Climate Goal:

Specific: improved attendance

Measurable: improved

Attainable: Yes

Realistic:  Yes

Timely:  Yes

SHS Students will feel an increased sense of belonging and connection to school as measured by the Iowa Youth Survey, resulting in improved attendance as measured by Average Daily Attendance.

Conclusion on June 30, 2017:  SHS did not meet this goal.  Compare side by side graphs.

2016: 2017:

Summary of Middle School Goals 2016-2017

16-17 Middle School Achievement Goal:

Middle School staff will provide a  grade level team and individual teacher authentic learning experience for students scoring a 4 on VBS during the 2016-17 school year.

Grades:  6-7-8

Measureable: Yes

Attainable: Yes - Data from TAR shows need to increase VBS at the secondary level.

Realistic: Yes - Each teacher and team will produce one task that scores high in VBS.

Timely: All tasks will be completed and scored by the end of the school year.

Summary of Building Achievement Goal 16-17

  1. All middle school staff participated in a grade level Project Based Learning Unit that was scored by AIW teams.  These tasks all scored in the 3 and 4 range for Value Beyond School.

  2. All middle school staff had an authentic assessment scored for Value Beyond School by their AIW learning Team.

  3. DATA from the TAR shows a 20% increase in the number of tasks scoring a three on Value Beyond School from 2015-16 to 2016-2017.  15-16 (23) Tasks scored a three.  16-17 (35) tasks scored a three.

  4. DATA from the TAR shows a 66% increase in the number of tasks that scored a four on Value Beyond School.  15-16 (4) tasks scored a four.  16-17 (20) tasks scored a four.

Summary of Building Climate Goal

In nine of the twelve areas surveyed  SMS achieved the climate goal.

Middle School:  80% of all students will respond positively on the school climate survey questions.

Grades:  6-7-8

Measureable: Yes - Survey given to all Middle School Students.

Attainable: Yes - The Iowa Youth Survey and Building Level Survey show positive trends.

Realistic: Yes - Data shows positive trends.

Timely: 2016-17 school year.

We will focus on the twelve questions below that help to show the climate of our building.

  1. There are clear rules about what students can and cannot do. (Achieved Goal)

  2. School rules are consistently enforced.  (Achieved Goal)

  3. I feel safe at school. (Achieved Goal)

  4. When a student is being bullied at school, how often do the teachers or other adults at the school try to put a stop to it?  (Did Not Achieve Goal)

  5. I care about my school.  (Achieved Goal)

  6. I try to do my best at school. (Achieved Goal)

  7. My school lets a parent or guardian know if I am doing well at school.  (Achieved Goal)

  8. Teachers notice when I am doing a good job and let me know about it.  (Did Not Achieve Goal)

  9. My teachers care about me.  (Achieved Goal)

  10. Adults in this school respect differences in students (gender, race, culture, learning differences). (Achieved Goal)

  11. Adults in my school treat students with respect.  (Achieved Goal)

  12. Students in my school treat others with respect.  (Did Not Achieve Goal)

                                         K-5 Goal Summary 2016-2017

2016-2017  Academic Goal:

Elementary:  To increase the number of students who are proficient on the required state reading screens.


80% of all 4th - 5th grade students will score above 80% proficiency on the FAST A-read assessment.

       Combined 4th and 5th were at 74.5% proficient in 15-16  (219/294)

2016-2017 Results:  Combined 4th and 5th grade were at 73.8%

2016-2017 Culture and Climate goal:

Our elementary would like to score above 90% on all 12 questions of the culture climate survey administered to all students (K-5).

2016-2017 Results: Two areas were identified as being below our target goal:

8.  Teachers notice when I am doing a good job and let me know about it. (12.8%- No)

12. Students in my school treat students with respect. (27.9%- No)